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(English) Does Health Care Bill Contain 3.8% Home Sales Tax?

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16 comentarios
  1. leslie
    leslie Dice:

    The way I read the explanation is that if you are married and file jointly have a $500,000 gain on your house and you make more than $250,000 in income you will pay capital gains on the profit of your sale after the $500,000 allowance. So if you are making $250,000 joint income and make over a $500,000 profit on your home,congratulations.Stop scaring seniors-they won’t be making that much!!

  2. Bob
    Bob Dice:

    “Explanations” are lost on cynics like you (people who blame the government for all that is wrong in life). By the way, you might want to check your spelling on “slimmy”, “slimballs”, and “gutless” ….
    The people who will end up paying this modest (at least for them) are all doing quite well! (far better than the government is doing) … they can afford to chip in a small percentage of their income to help pay for people who are far less fortunate …

    • TheOne
      TheOne Dice:

      “they can afford to chip in a small percentage of their income to help pay for people who are far less fortunate …”

      I am one of “they”! I should pay for someone elses stuff??? The percentage does not matter. That I would be forced to pay, is the issue. And what IS a sales tax of ANY kind, doing in the middle of a health care bill?? You can keep the ‘change’ this idiot promised us.

    • Byrdie
      Byrdie Dice:

      Jane, middle class income varies depending on where you live.  In some major metropolitan areas on the east or west coast, $200,000 annual salary may qualify you to purchase a ‘middle class’ home or condominium.

      Regardless of the dollar amount, taxing the ‘American Dream’ is leftist fascism.

  3. Earn it - Dont Steal It!
    Earn it - Dont Steal It! Dice:

    Lets see, the Government who is forcing us all to buy something that we might or might not want (key word is force), then stealing from others (lets not sugar coat this, its stealing) from those that might have more than us in a nation that has the greatest opportunity’s in the world. Because they want to give someone that might have less, well I am sorry, stealing others peoples money no matter how you sugar coat it is still theft. This is classic socialism. No thanks.
    If you make over $30,000 a year in this country, you are in the Worlds TOP 1% of wage earners. We all all rich!


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