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(English) “Own Thy Own Home»

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5 comentarios
  1. Steve
    Steve Dice:

    This post sounds like a paid ad from the NAR, and their everything as we want it to seem theme.

    Sure people say this, it’s never been a secret that people want to own a home, but what none of the surveys asked was:
    -If you thought the market was Tanking would you still buy a home?
    -If there was substantial risk involved would you still buy a home?
    -Or if you knew, that you purchase would not appreciate or maybe even decreas in value for the next 5-10 years, would you still buy a home?

    The answer would be an obvious…hell no! Honesty is all in the questions you ask. I guarantee the CB poll didn’t near tread close to asking about the whole picture. The one that states, 78% say their homes were the best investment they ever made. Where did they find these people, and what age bracket were they from. What planet were they on?

    Usually in blogging when something like a survey is quoted, the blogger supplies the link, as you did to the trulia survey. Can you please post the link?

    Your Bottom Line conclusion is a far flung interpretation of what both of the polls stated. It’s rally time for everyone to stop with all this industry spin. Didn’t enough buyers already get killed buying into all the false hype? It’s enough already.

  2. Steve
    Steve Dice:

    Steve, thanks for the response. CB surveys are always are always rigged toward a certain response. One they did last year sakes people what they would do with the $8,000 tax credit they would get back…but they neglected to state that it was only a credit, not cash back.

    I don’t doubt that anyone would want to own a home…who wouldn’t. But if it was put in a way that it’s not a sure thing investment, and it may not appreciate, and that it may decrease by an unknown value for who knows how many years, then the dynamics of the survey changes dramatically.

    All I’m saying is that we’re messing with peoples money, and there’s a huge risk when buying a home, and you can lose big time, so let’s not mislead people anymore. It’s time for total transparency.

    Is it a great time to buy..no. Is it a good time to buy..maybe yes but depending on what it is you’re buying and where. And is it a risky time to buy…yes

    It’s time for some self regulation with this stuff, and if we can’t do it ourselves, then the gov’t should.

    Never blogged before, but I will be

  3. Nathan
    Nathan Dice:

    I would have to agree with Steve number one on this one. I know I’m a bit outdated in responding to this, but it’s a topic near and dear to my heart, as I am a Realtor.
    The market right now is no longer volatile, as most believe, it has pretty much settled out and prices are staying stable. Further, the inventory of foreclosures, short sales and bank owned properties are actually driving prices (not values) down even further. One can get into a great home right now for a fraction of the home’s actual value and walks into instant equity. Can they turn around and sell it at market price tomorrow? Probably not, but unless we’re talking about an investor, a buyer will probably stay in the home for a few years anyway, and by the time they are ready to sell, the market will probably have turned.
    The biggest point that I’d like to make here is that we’re not going to get out of this mess that we’re in by sitting tight and waiting to buy until the market improves, we have to improve it by buying up all of the bank owned properties that are big competition for the private seller tryint to get full market price. Once the inventory is reduced, the market will repair itself naturally.
    We can remain afraid to buy and let all of the great deals out there pass us by as the investors snag them all and rent them back to us until we’re ready to buy, or we can go and buy ourselves, take advantage of the instant equity that we can gain, and repair the economy at the same time…


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