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(English) Will I Get More Money If I Wait?

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14 comentarios
  1. Fenwrick
    Fenwrick Dice:

    The thinking of waiting until (spring/summer) is outdated. And yet no one, it seems is willing to say one way or the other about the price of homes. But, look and listen to the lenders themselves: BoA, Wells Fargo, Freddy and Fannie, they who have control over the most foreclosure inventory/delinquent loans, have stated that they see a 3-8% drop in prices this year. The govt. has stated that they are looking into revamping Freddie & Fannie. HHMMM? That sounds to me like they are looking into dumping their negative equity properties onto the private sector. If you are seriously thinking of selling your home, you need to get real with the prospect of pricing it correctly TODAY. You may not be willing to “give it away” that isn’t neccessary, just be honest.

  2. David Mott
    David Mott Dice:

    People are paying insurance on their homes (foreclosure, short sale, or normal sale) based on a rebuild rate that hasn’t adjusted down with this ‘end of the world’ real estate market. Buy a home for 100K that is worth 200K and you will probably have to pay insurance on the 200K home.

    Is the rebuild rate close to an honest value?

    The rebuild rate will not usually adjust down, as materials cost what they cost and labor costs what it costs.

    If you want to sell and don’t have to, there’s no point in taking a loss right now, even if you think you can sell your home and buy an even cheaper but larger and better home. Property taxes will come to haunt you one day, I have no doubt about that.


  3. sarah
    sarah Dice:

    AND ………….who got us into this mess to begin with?
    Degregulation and lazy unscupulous mortgage lenders and banking institutions…….. So now, we homeowners, currently paying our bills, holding our mortgages together, the WORKERS……

    How much longer will even current homeowners continue paying their mortgages when their homes continue to go down in value – not easy to swollow…..

    Someone needs to explain how the banking institutions can get away with this ……..Someone has to pay for being negligent and wasting MY ?

    As Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac reorganize – I fear there will be even more restrictions & rules to deter potential home buyers.

    More and more distressed properties will come onto the market as more and more folks default on their ARMS or lose their jobs or find they owe more than their home is worth…..

    It is a big BIG mess, which has been caused by financial institutions lending out money to people who could not afford to pay back….. makes no fiscal sense unless somebody is making money out of it, ooooops …………. and didn’t those CEOs leave office with a golden parachute?

  4. Paul Thomas
    Paul Thomas Dice:

    Martin If we take your advice we are dam to repeat the mistakes. Sarah is on point with her statements. But I also believe for every door that closes another door opens, we just have to find the open door. Sarah I wish the people in Washington and Wall Street would admit they are to blame. The only way to correct this mess is for the lenders to redo upside down homeowners and take a share of the future appreciation. That is the price the homeowner has to give up for the reduction in the loan balance. This may be distasteful to some but tell me a better approach, the current direction this country is taking is causing more and more homeowners to just give up. Rather than say I am wrong tell me your solution you just may have a better solution.


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