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(English) What Homeownership Truly Means

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7 comentarios
  1. David Mott
    David Mott Dice:

    Congratulations go to your son. Steve!

    I’m a homeowner that has owned a home since the early 80’s. That’s right. I had a mortgage with a 13% interest rate. I’ve owned 4 homes since then. I look for fixers and fix them up, sell them and make a little sweat equity on each one, all while keeping a regular job.

    I also get to take some real equity (the principal part of the principal/interest payment) with me. It’s not much when you have a high churn rate, but it does add up over the years. No home runs yet, just singles.

    Part of ‘The American Dream’ to me is having a home paid for. There will ALWAYS be a property tax payment. If you want insurance, you decide how much.

    Having a home paid for usually means low overhead. Sure, there’s the occasional thing you have to do to keep the house in good working order, but if you have rented at all, you know that stuff just doesn’t break every day. Just how many times do you need to call the landlord (~slum lord properties not included here)? I’ve also been a landlord, so I know that it’s not often if the tenants are normal folks.

    I rented many places before I bought a home: you write that check every month and *poof* there it goes, never to be seen again. To most renters, this is the largest slice of their monthly income money pie to disappear and feed someone else.

    Some people have the mindset of the only sure things trilogy: death/taxes/and rent!

  2. Gerald Santoro
    Gerald Santoro Dice:

    What a great post. It brought back memories of my first home and what fond memories I have all the years being a homeowner and raising my family. Would not have been the same feeling possible as a renter.
    I also have many success stories helping clients acheive that same “American Dream” purchasing their first house. Many were shocked that they were able to! ….and the appreciation they show, makes this career worthwhile.

  3. anton james
    anton james Dice:

    If one were to ask any homeowner ; ” What was the wisest financial decision you ever made ? “. The homeowner would generally, if not always, answer that question with ; ” It was to buy my own home ” . Owning real estate is not only the safest , surest and quickest way to wealth , it is the basis of all wealth and the only true expression of net worth. Multigenerational wealth can only be achieved thru real estate . I make my money in business and I store my money in real estate. Congratulations on the purchase of your first home. Now go do it again. A piece or pieces of real estate is the foundation of any well diversified investment portfolio. Accept my well wishes for your continued success in your real estate journey .


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