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(English) What Happened to Modifications?

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5 comentarios
  1. Lynn
    Lynn Dice:

    The banks have been bailed out, what does that exactly mean? Have the banks been paid back the money that went into default? If so why are they having such a hard time giving people loan modifications? Why are these banks making loan modifications so hard to acquire. What is the ratio of people who apply for a loan modification and get them, to those who apply and do not get the loan modification? The government needs to make the banks guide lines for loan modifications more lenient so more people will be eligible. The Home Affordable Refinance should modify the banks making sure people get the loan modification they so desperately need and that will help to keep the American Dream Alive.

  2. Deborah Brown
    Deborah Brown Dice:

    I said back in jan 09 just extend loans to 40 year loan products, have updated legitimate professional appraisals for these folks and modify to the current fixed rates of about 4% interest rate and 90% of the folks can stay in their homes. Very simple. Why doesnt anyone have a brain regarding halting devaluing of our nation. Do the above 3 and charge a fee for the modification process. As long as the qualifying ratios work at a 40 yr fixed rate wrap the mod fee back on the mortgaged amount, kind of like a second lien on a virginia housing authority loan and mabe charge qyarter per cent higher for loan to value. You guys have to do something. Right now you are a mess

  3. Deborah Brown
    Deborah Brown Dice:

    You cant lower rates anymore and you need to stop the bleeding. Use common sense. Anti govt rhetoric quoting Reagon is a naive sound bite to dumb down the masses in order for wall street’s Reagan to carry on biz as usual without checks and balances and hands off lack regulation. Cant you see the crooks are at work with this free market anti govt rhetoric? We do need govt AND biz but a new Wharton school common sence balance. Its nit all black and white its shades of grey. Our govt and biz and politicians need to get cracking we r decling rapidly.


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