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(English) This Telephone Has Too Many Shortcomings

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5 comentarios
  1. Ken Montville
    Ken Montville Dice:

    Matthew is nothing if not opinionated.

    Yes, lots of irony and as I once heard from a panel or “top producers” years ago, “Technology will not replace the real estate agent. Real estate agents who embrace technology will replace those that don’t.”

    I wonder if another issue might be addressed. It seems that the average age of real estate agents keeps moving up while the average age of the home buyer/seller keeps moving down. What does it say about the profession that not enough young(er) people (Gen Y and Gen Z) are entering the field. Eventually, we’ll age out.

    Maybe technology is replacing the real estate agent.

    • Matthew Ferrara
      Matthew Ferrara Dice:

      Hey Ken — appreciate your comment. Actually, the average age of the buyer/seller is moving UP in the last five years. That trend should continue for quite some time, as structural issues in the economy – such as unemployment, wage stagnation and college tuition debt keep younger buyers under 1/3 of the market pretty much into the next decade. The average buyer was 44, seller 47, I think in last year’s NAR report (off top of head). So, having said that, it’s not a generational thing, really. ALL generations want their doctors, lawyers, mechanics and yes, real estate agents, to use technology to get the job done. And without a doubt, that means embracing social media and texting as well.

      You’re also right about younger people NOT getting into the field, too. We should really worry – the number of under-30s has HALVED in the last five years. Many reasons can be cited, but perhaps one reason is that young people might not see the real estate profession as one that embraces and leverages technology – and when it does, only with great reluctance and resistance. I’d say that’s not the winning formula for attracting the bright and energetic minds of Gen Y!


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