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(English) 5 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Professional

(English) 5 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Professional

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22 comentarios
  1. Mr. Krispy
    Mr. Krispy Dice:

    I generally agree with four of the five points that the author has highlighted, however, It is my educated opinion that he has overstated the negotiating skills of most real estate agents. I came into real estate from a background of high stakes negotiating so I have been a keen observer of how real estate agents employ the craft. In my opinion, a good negotiator is the exception, certainly NOT the rule. There are companies that offer negotiating courses designed to provide a “professional designation”, and while they are able to lay a decent foundation of understanding the process, the only way to really become an expert negotiator is to be negotiating on a continual basis. A very small percentage of real estate agents get ANY formal training in negotiations. The average real estate agent is lucky to do one transaction per month, and they usually “need” that transaction to close in order to put food on their own table. When a negotiator has something to lose by not coming to agreement, they lose objectivity, and become too emotionally involved in the transaction to be a tough negotiator. Most people think that coming to an agreement that is “fair” to all parties is the goal of a good negotiator. But a top notch negotiator will work to get every possible concession from the other side of the transaction without it falling apart. Most real estate agents (or people in general) don’t know a gambit from shinola. This is an area of great opportunity for the agent who will study and learn how to be a great negotiator. Results are rather easy to quantify and then highlight in testimonials, which can earn you many more listings and Buyer/Boker agreements. Everyone wants a really good negotiator working on their behalf. So become one!

  2. Jade Brunet
    Jade Brunet Dice:

    I am glad to know that a realtor is there to act as a buffer between the two parties who are in a very emotional and high level financial transaction. Having the help of someone with such developed negotiation skills would totally be ideal. I have also heard that it is wise to find a realtor with great staging skills to ensure your house looks exquisite at each showing.

  3. Kit Hannigan
    Kit Hannigan Dice:

    Wow, I sure didn’t know that there are about 180 steps and procedures that I need to go through in a real estate purchase! My wife and I are currently considering getting a place for ourselves. With our current schedules, it certainly looks like we won’t have enough time to sort out that much paperwork by ourselves! We’ll be sure to go look for reputable real-estate agents that can help us out should we decide to go through with a property purchase.

  4. Millie Hue
    Millie Hue Dice:

    It got me when you said that hiring a professional will assure us that the transaction will most likely end successfully. I guess I have to suggest this to a friend of mine because they have been waiting to have the house of their grandparents sold. However, it hasn’t been so for three years after posting it online. Maybe, it might be due to the way it was being handled since they don’t hire professionals.

  5. Olivia Pearson
    Olivia Pearson Dice:

    I really like how you said that a good real estate broker will help you understand the conditions affecting the real estate market and help guide you through the buying process. My niece and her husband are looking to buy their first home together, but they’re not sure how to get a home that fits their budget and their needs, or how to ensure that they find the best location. I’m sure they’d really benefit from working with an experienced real estate broker that has the genuine desire to help guide them through the process so they get the help and information they need to make the right decision. Thanks for the helpful information.

  6. Caden Dahl
    Caden Dahl Dice:

    I think that I’m decent at negotiating yet when it comes to homes, I would for sure have to hire someone to do it for me as I don’t know a whole lot about them. Going off what you said, it would be a good idea to hire a professional since they would know a lot more than the average person. When it comes time to sell my home, I’ll for sure seek out the advice on that matter.

  7. Brooklyn Johnson
    Brooklyn Johnson Dice:

    I like how you stated that the real estate market is a place where most people will make their largest investment ever, so you shouldn’t “wing it”. My husband just got a new job in a different state and we need to sell our home as quickly as possible, but don’t know the first thing about selling our home, and have been thinking about getting a real estate lawyer to help us protect our rights. I will definitely keep your great tips and information in mind and will further consider hiring a lawyer to help me when selling my home. http://www.stoddardlawfirm.com/real-estate-law

  8. Steele Honda
    Steele Honda Dice:

    Thanks for pointing out that a real estate professional is experienced in all aspects of the negotiation and is bound legally to do only what is in the best interest of his/her client. My husband and I are thinking about buying a house because we want a bigger place to live in and a yard. I think that it would be smart to hire a real estate agent because they could help find the right house and then negotiate on our behalf which would be nice because I don’t think either my husband or I know enough about real estate to negotiate by ourselves. https://www.premierpropertiesofcharleston.com

  9. Arya Smith
    Arya Smith Dice:

    Thanks for helping me understand that having a professional will ensure us that we are educated. As you said, they are well versed regarding the changes in the market and what impacts it. With that in mind, I will hire one so that I will be able to sell the house at the right price and also get the most money out of it since we need the money for the surgery of my grandmother. https://www.dallascitycenter.com/

  10. Faylinn Byrne
    Faylinn Byrne Dice:

    I found it really interesting that you mentioned that any good professional should have the heart of a teacher. I agree with that because I think it is so important to be able to learn from any service that you hire to help you in order to gain experience. In my opinion, anyone that has the intention to help you will be honest with you and will teach you enough to be able to make the best choices in the future. http://www.theblakelaw.com/Real-Estate

  11. Carly Mckeen
    Carly Mckeen Dice:

    Thank you for stating that realtors can refer you to a real estate attorney to represent you on all legal matters involved in the process. My husband and I want to move into a bigger house so we can have more kids and want to hire a lawyer to help us with the legal matters in the process. I will definitely keep all of your great tips and information in mind when hiring a real estate attorney. http://www.lgtlawfirm.com/real-estate-law

  12. Eli Richardson
    Eli Richardson Dice:

    I like that you mentioned that having a real estate attorney can help you understand and complete all the paperwork that comes with a real estate transaction. It would be really helpful to have somebody who was familiar with the process to help out. My wife and I are looking to sell our home in the next few months. We will have to look into real estate attorneys to help us out.

  13. Austin Saunders
    Austin Saunders Dice:

    I like what you said about hiring a real estate professional since they’ll be able to help you with over 24 pages of contracts that will need to be signed. My wife and I would like to by a new home in the coming months. We’ll be sure to look into our options for professionals who can help us with this in the future.

  14. Alice Carroll
    Alice Carroll Dice:

    You made a good point that hiring residential real estate services can be a good way to more easily deal with all the paperwork involved in buying a house. I’m thinking about making some investments soon in order to make my money grow for later in life. Real estate might be one of the best ways to invest because there will always be demand for it.


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