(English) Home Repairs: The Price of Ignoring Them [INFOGRAPHIC]


Courtesy of: HomeInsurance.com and Redbeacon

(English) The Great Credit Divide [INFOGRAPHIC]

(English) The Great Credit Divide

Reposted with Persmission from Experian

(English) A Real Estate Conversation [INFOGRAPHIC]


Talking Real Estate

(English) Economic Impact of a Home Sale: By State [INFOGRAPHIC]


Economic Impact

Recently the research team at the National Association of Realtors (NAR) looked at studies done by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the Census Bureau, Macroeconomic Advisors and the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard. After reviewing the data, they determined the total economic impact of a typical home sale in each state.

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(English) Mortgage Interest Deduction: By State [INFOGRAPHIC]


Information from The Pew Charitable Trusts report: The Geographic Distribution of the Mortgage Interest Deduction

(English) Gallup: Latest Data on Homeownership [INFOGRAPHIC]

(English) InfoGraphics
The above information was taken from the following surveys conducted by Gallup:

U.S. Homeowners’ Reasons for Owning More Than Financial

American Dream of Owning Home Lives On, Even for Young

Americans’ Optimism About Home Prices Surges This Year


(English) FSBO? What You Should Know Before Trying [INFOGRAPHIC]

FSBO Infographic

(English) Renting ‘Round the U.S. [INFOGRAPHIC]

Interesting facts on where to rent in the U.S.


(English) Millennials: Not Destined to be Life-Long Renters [INFOGRAPHIC]

This Infographic from the Pulte Group shows why millennials are not destined to be life-long renters. [INFOGRAPHIC]

(English) The State of Hispanic Homeownership [INFOGRAPHIC]

A very small portion of the State of Hispanic Homeownership Report from NAHREP National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals

(English) Top 10 Remodeling Projects [INFOGRAPHIC]

Top 10 Remodeling Projects

Original InfoGraphic by California Association of Realtors (CAR)

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(English) Real Estate is Back [INFOGRAPHIC]

Real Estate is Back | A Brighter Future for Real Estate in 2013


(English) A Closer Look at Mortgage Rates [INFOGRAPHIC]

Rate Movement


(English) Generation X & Y and Homeownership [INFOGRAPHIC]

Gen X & Y InfoGraphic

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(English) NAR’s 4th Quarter Home Sales Report [INFOGRAPHIC]

NAR 4Q 2012


(English) Love, Marriage & Homeownership

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we moved our Friday Infographic up a day to share the findings of the RealEstate.com team looking at how romantic attachments influence home buying. Scroll down to see if your city is on the list or head over to their blog to read the complete results of the study.

(English) Where People are Moving To and From

Where are people moving to and from? Find out with this neat infographic.

(English) Some Fun Facts About the Super Bowl [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do cities with higher home prices make more Super Bowl appearances


(English) Negative Equity: The Latest Statistics [INFOGRAPHIC]

Negative Equity



(English) What It Took to Get a Mortgage in 2012 [INFOGRAPHIC]

2012 in review


(English) Belief in Homeownership by Age Group [INFOGRAPHIC]

Belief in Homeownership

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(English) How Small Cutbacks Lead to Great Savings [INFOGRAPHIC]

How Small Cutbacks Lead to Great Savings

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(English) The Reasons People Move [INFOGRAPHIC]

Why People Move


(English) Young Adults & Homeownership [INFOGRAPHIC]


(English) Time It Takes to Complete a Foreclosure [INFOGRAPHIC]