Season 2 Episode 8: Jimmy Mackin

January 24, 2024

When it comes to quality marketing for your customers, one tip can be a game changer.

Focus on attracting customers instead of chasing them by providing quality marketing that resonates with consumers

Jimmy Mackin, the co-founder of Curator, shares his insights on effective marketing strategies for real estate agents. He discusses the importance of attracting customers instead of chasing them and emphasizes the need for quality marketing that focuses on the consumer.

Mackin also highlights the value of researching brands and influencers outside of the real estate industry to gain inspiration and stay ahead of trends. He provides examples of successful campaigns, such as leveraging volatility in the market and offering equity updates to engage with potential clients. Together with David, they conclude by encouraging agents to focus on their database and utilize social media for personalized recommendations.

2024 is all about listings, so are we. For more on Jimmy and Curaytor:

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