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(English) Selling Your House? 5 Reasons To Do It NOW!

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30 comentarios
  1. Lance Brown
    Lance Brown Dice:

    It seems like it is kinda dangerous to buy now since the prices could drop as the interest rates rise reducing the number of buyers and the huge REO inventory starts to be released.

    The number of buyers seems to just keep shrinking for jumbo and non-FHA loans. It is amazing to see how long the >$500K homes are sitting. It has to be way over 360 days on market for these folks.

  2. Alice Schofield
    Alice Schofield Dice:

    Steve, During the real estate slump you have provided some of the most current, insightful and appropriate real estate information of any expert I have listened to. It has been very useful in trying to assist my clients, family and friends through the confusion of the last couple of years. Everyone wants to know what to expect. No one knows absolutely however your predictions have come the closest to our reality.
    Alice Schofield, C J Brown/Latter & Blum

  3. steve
    steve Dice:

    I’m going against the grain here. Everyone should know by know that real estate is local, yet this post paints a picture with an extremely broad brush.

    Yes interest rates are going up and will continue to do so, but prices will have to come down to compensate for that…and that has always been the case. And in #2 you even point out that prices will continue to soften. You can’t sit on both sides of the fence.

    With the drastic change in consumer buying habits, the old view of «seasonal» buying is outdated.Sure more homes may «sell» during a particular time of year, but the actual search and research leading up to the purchase is started by consumers, 6-12 months in advanced. The web never sleeps, only Realtor’s do. Since a vast majority of buyers do their own research, agents see buyers after they’re well into the search process.

    Sorry, but using broad antiquated views and outdated metrics for a new problem that we have never before had to deal with, and is extremely local in nature, is worthless. Keeping current matters, buy only within your specific area…not everywhere.

  4. michael
    michael Dice:

    I think with companies like Redfin coming on-line to help buyers and sellers discover the equilibrium price points with less friction there is hope for the do it your self sellers. As prices drop sellers are going to turn to these sites more and more to reduce their losses. This might mitigate the further price collapses that this posting implies are on the horizon.

  5. Jack Oudin
    Jack Oudin Dice:

    To the KCM Crew:
    Whether you live in NJ or Charlotte, NC… I agree with your recommendations to Sellers to list their homes now…because we’ve noticed here that Buyers are now coming out of hibernation! Today it was in the high 70’s and the Seller/Buyer activity is heating up too!

    But here’s something to think about…last night while shopping at STAPLES, I struck up a conversation with a gentleman who, like me, was trying to find the right planner (yes a Franklin Covey paper version… this supplements my voracious Blackberry use)… anyway, I recognized his accent from NY/NJ area and sure enough, he was born in PA but grew up in NJ. In 2007, he took early retirement from his school principal position, to follow his wife to Charlotte.

    First, he put his NJ home 4 Sale (FSBO) and was fortunate to sell his home in 30-days. I suspect that by not using a trusted Broker/Realtor, he may have left some money on the table. Then, they purchased a new construction inventory home directly from the builder/developer in the Indian Land, SC area, without using a local Broker/Realtor.

    Guess what happened next… you guessed it… the two main builders have since gone bankrupt, the developer is underwater, only 60 of the 120 planned homes have been built, some spec homes are still vacant (foreclosure process), the HOA dues which originally paid to maintain the community is short money and the developer refuses to pay additional for community maintenance services. The weeds are now overwhelming the landscape, and the community pool was shut down. This is not a pretty picture, but uninformed buyers run the risk of making a big financial mistake (in any market condition) when they make a purchase without the professional advice of a local area Broker/Realtor expert!
    Please share this with your clients, and I welcome your referrals.

  6. Steve
    Steve Dice:

    Jack, it’s amazing that you believe that realtors can solve all the problems in with the housing market. Like you ornanyone elsebwould have saved the day for the people who bought from that builder. Be serious!

    And I love the constant talk that realtors feel the need to keep telling everyone that they’re «local area broker/realtor experts. The term expert connotates something incredibly amazing in a person, but you bring it to the level where it means that you can’t possible screw up big time, because you/we are realtors.

    Look at the guys on Wall Street, where most have real degrees, Inc master degrees from some of the finest institutions in the world, and look how they screwed up the economy. And we realtors had a hand in it, because we all sold home to some that couldn’t afford it, and we really didn’t care.

    All this we’rebso great attitude is nothing more than the, if you say it enough everyone will start to believe it, stuff. I know thatnyou would have gotten the guy more money, and younwould have saved him from making the wrong move…yea right! No one, other than a alt or is buying this anymore. Heck mostnof us realtors don’t even buy it.

    Were you selling homes to people when the market was tanking, because if so why didn’t you tell them it wasn’t a good idea at that time?

    Sorry Steve. But why is is it that realtors are the only group thatbfeels the need to always say how expert they are, when no one else in corporate America does this. Why all the insecurity? It makes us all a laughing stock. Let our work speak for itself,and if you can’t, then I guess you not an expert. Sorry for venting


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