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(English) Redistributing Wealth to the RICH?

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6 comentarios
  1. Darren Doucet
    Darren Doucet Dice:

    Yes, Barney Frank & Bill Clinton’s push that «everyone in America should own a home» is flawed if you completely throw underwriting out the window (Freddie & Ginnie are NOT broken)! The systemic problem is a result of $7 trillion in corrupt, double-double-wagers (10 times) in credit-default-swaps against the miniscule $700 billion in total bundled mortgage securities. The CDS industry is regulated by NO government in the world & there is no monitoring/clearing house any where in the world. We’re all ignorant fools (individuals, businesses, media) to simply sweep this under the rug. After all, this problem/loop-hole has still NOT be corralled/rectified!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!

  2. Shaun Reilly
    Shaun Reilly Dice:

    This is one of the few rational policies form the government on the question of housing.
    While they might take it to far and make it more difficult for those that should have a chance to own a home it is SMART to limit the number of unqualified people from getting into a situation they can’t handle.
    At the start of the housing crisis there were a lot of people that were defaulting on mortgages they never should have had, many because they should have been life long renters.

  3. Ryan
    Ryan Dice:

    The Boom and Bust cycles in housing are what is causing the wealth transfer. Buy low sell high. Take a wild guess who/what is causing our housing market to reach crazy high unsustainable levels followed by harder and hard busts. You guessed it, our government. Just take a look north to Canada. No gov. subsidies and secondary markets, no tax right offs, at least 10% down but the vast majority have to put at least 20% down. Canada must have a low homeownership rate! All the rich people must own all the real estate in Canada! How sad! Wait a minute, their homeownership rates are actually higher than the US? How could that be?

    Our government has no place in the real estate market period. They are doing more damage than good. Homeownership is not a right it is privilege. It is earned by maintaining stable employment, discipline in saving money, and responsible spending habits. Giving people money, regardless of race, gender, religion, age, etc, that can not afford it is just plain stupid.


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