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(English) Houses Underwater: The Tide Is About to Rise

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5 comentarios
  1. Ken Montville
    Ken Montville Dice:

    In a recent attempt to refinance my personal home in an attempt to get the current low, low mortgage rates, I found out I’m one of the folks with negative equity with the emphasis on negative.

    Fortunately, for me and my wife, we have no intention of moving. It’s also fortunate we can continue to pay our mortgage going forward. So we won’t be a short sale or foreclosure statistic.

    This does, however, lead me to this feeling of being “trapped”. I can’t refinance and I can’t sell without being a short sale. If I did actually need to move, I’d be in a real pickle. I’m guessing that there are lots of people in the same position – financially able to pay their current mortgage but with negative equity.

    It’s a very sad situation.

  2. Earl Ripling
    Earl Ripling Dice:

    Many of us are now seeing our homes not as the investments we once saw them as. Negative equity, near negative equity or large equity (because of the comfort zone a large amount down put us in with regards to a lower monthly payment) all these senarios are uncomfortable but are there. We can’t do much about it. But like our children who don’t do well in school, don’t hit the home run or score the decisive point, we just don’t walk away from them and neither should we walk away from our homes. We should remember that our homes like our kids and ourselves are part of a community. Our homes as entities like ourselves as humans in a society have responsibilities to the greater good . In this case our towns and neighborhood streets. our homes shouldn’t be left to deteriorate just because they aren’t performing as investment instruments. And it doesn’t take tremendous amounts of money to maintain our homes as responsible entities within the community. Our homes can contribute to the community in so many different ways. The simplest of course is to keep the yards neat. Also by being aware of and concerned for your homes carbon footprint. Turn off lites when not in use, many home owners can now choose where they get their electricity supply from and some of these choices include renewable energy supply sources again having your house contributing to a better community through using a higher grade of electricity. We need to think of our homes more as units of our communities and less of a particular investment gone south.


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