Ask the Agent:
Live w/ Kyle Whissel & Treasure Davis

What are the top producers in real estate doing to win in 2019?

On our recent Facebook Live webinar we were joined by Kyle Whissel and Treasure Davis, two of the best agents in the country.

In a wide ranging conversation, we discussed:

  • What’s happening in their local market? Where are they seeing success this spring? (2:00)
  • Hosting Events: From open houses and client events to team appreciation. (7:06)
  • Video: Different types of videos they are both producing in the market today. (14:17)
    • Kyle talks about his influencer video strategy. (17:25)
    • Treasure gives a great suggestion focused on causes that you believe in. (21:40)
  • Content: What is considered «good» content? How do you balance the mix? (36:40)
  • Lead Generation: What is working in today’s market and where to focus energy? (45:10)

Watch the full video to get their keys to success and how to integrate them into your business!

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