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The Top Real Estate Blogs of 2020

This year has brought challenges and uncertainty like we’ve never seen before, and people are looking for a lighthouse to help them navigate these unchartered waters.

More importantly, they’re looking to industry leaders like you for answers to tough questions. According to a recent survey by Chartbeat, a media analytics company, news readership has increased almost 33% since early March.

In a time when people are starving for information, your community is looking to you to help educate them on what’s really happening in real estate.

But instead of sifting through tons of different sources, we made it simple by compiling the most popular articles agents shared with their clients this year. Here are the top real estate blogs of 2020. 

Recession housing market

For anyone who lived through the Great Recession, you know that the “r” word is one that most people automatically associate with a housing crash. This, however, could not be further from the truth.

In this infographic, we go through the many unique factors that led to the bubble burst and why we won’t be seeing the same thing happen again, recession or not.

The biggest problem plaguing the real estate market this year wasn’t what anyone could have predicted. Despite the pandemic, demand remained extremely high, driving many willing and able buyers into an extremely competitive market.

The biggest cause of this? Low inventory. This article explains how homeowners can capitalize on this by selling now.

Buyers came out in crowds this year to take advantage of the affordability caused by low-interest rates. However, the lack of inventory meant many multiple-offer scenarios and an extra frustrating home search process.

If buyers want to stand out from the crowd in a seller’s market, pre-approval should always be the first-step when buying a home. This blog outlines three big reasons why.

Many people believe that the record unemployment brought on by the pandemic is going to lead to another foreclosure crisis, and in turn, a housing crash.

However, these 5 graphs prove that both of those are highly unlikely.

Rising demand and low-inventory are causing home values to appreciate across the country. The question remains: will home values continue to rise or will they begin to depreciate?

While many experts believe that the current rush of purchasers isn’t sustainable, others believe we could see appreciation for years to come. Here is what the experts are saying.

Bottom Line

In times of uncertainty, people look to leaders for answers. As a real estate agent, you’re a prominent voice and leader in your area, and your community is looking to you to answer some hard questions right now.

This is a time to stay educated, so you can help your clients make confident decisions when buying and selling a home.

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