4 Client Appreciation Events That Will Make People RSVP

Hosting a fun class can be a great way to reconnect with former clients.

Follow-up is hard.

After a long stretch of unanswered emails, straight-to-voicemail calls and invites left RSVP-less, you may feel like you’ve lost clients forever. We feel you.

No matter how strong your follow-up strategy is, it can still be difficult to get in touch with clientele. People are busy! We all know this.

But we also know that a lot of people tend to avoid those awkward “what’s new” calls like they do telemarketers.

Our solution: the client appreciation event.

These casual, no-pressure gatherings are a great way to touch base without feeling like it’s work for you or your invitees. Clients, friends, and community members can mingle in a sociable setting that still allows you to have those “what’s new” conversations but without any “let’s talk business” preconceived notions.

Plus, it builds good will and cements your position in your community as a trusted and leading agent.

Here are some ideas for client appreciation events that are too good to be turned down.

Photos with Santa is a great
Holiday Party

‘Tis the season for eggnog, cookies and friendly gatherings filled with holiday cheer. Nothing says client appreciation like a good old-fashioned holiday party, and many people jump at the chance to relax during this busy season.

A great way to make sure people show up is to provide the ultimate gift: free pictures with Santa. Most parents will jump at the chance to avoid mall crowds and 3-hours of waiting in line for that coveted photo.

Another idea: guarantee some quality free time for parents by setting up a mini-movie theater that plays classic holiday flicks for the kiddos.

Game Day or tailgating parties can be great for client appreciation events.
Game Day Hosting

Nothing builds camaraderie like cheering on your favorite team. Whether it’s football, baseball, basketball, hockey, or the Olympics – everyone loves a chance to eat, drink and shout at a TV.

This event is great because it’s applicable all year round and can be hosted at your house, a local eatery or brewery. Offer some irresistible snacks like wings, sliders or potato skins and enjoy the big game amongst fellow fans.

Movie screenings are a great real estate client appreciation event.
Movie Screening

More often than not, going to the movies becomes less of a relaxing night out and more of a hassle. This goes double when it’s opening weekend, and tickets are going like hotcakes. The long concession lines and chance you can’t sit together doesn’t help either.

But did you know you can rent out a movie theater for pretty cheap? Hosting a movie night (or day) is something that everyone can enjoy. Especially when it’s a big release that many people want to see but don’t want to battle the chaos.

Other real estate agents have seen great success from hosting an event like this. Whatever you do, just don’t forget the popcorn!

Offering a free yoga class is a great client appreciation event idea.
Host a Class

Painting, cooking, goat yoga, wreath-making, terrarium-building…you name it, there’s a class for it. This is one of the easiest ways to get people in your door. I mean, who wouldn’t want to attend a free cooking class or try meditating for an hour?

Plus, the logistics of these classes are pretty simple and most can be hosted in your office or even your home. Either way, these are great community activities that everyone can enjoy.

Here are some more great class ideas:

  • DIY Plant Terrarium
  • Pottery Class
  • Cupcake Decorating
  • Calligraphy
  • Candle Making
Bottom Line

The truth is, many people will jump at the chance to do something family-friendly and community-based. As long as you have a little something for everyone, chances are people will show up to your client appreciation event.

As a general rule of thumb, you should send out the Save the Dates at least 30 days in advance and make sure to set the RSVP at least 14 days before the event. That way, you have time to plan and get a head count.

Remember, throwing creative and enjoyable events for your clients not only shows how much you value their business but helps build long-lasting relationships for years to come.

Another great addition to any client appreciation event is some sort of value-based handout. These are a great way to go that extra mile and keep your clients informed on what’s happening in the market. To make it even easier, we have ready-to-personalize Buyer and Seller guides that are perfect to bring along. Plus, you can get the winter version complimentary today by starting a 14-day free trial.