Season 2 Episode 5: Lori Richardson & Matthew Hibler

January 3, 2024

There’s a major advantage to those conducting a real estate business right now in the market. One that might not feel as concrete. Start with shifting your perspective.

Lori Richardson and Matthew Hibler, with host David Childers cover the importance of actively listening to clients’ needs, anticipating the upcoming spring home-buying season, and utilizing tools to provide hyper-localized data for informed decision-making. Matthew discusses the shift from a defensive to offensive approach, urging proactive outreach and communication in an ever-evolving market.

This podcast touches on crucial topics such as affordability, tax implications, and the significance of financial literacy. Both Lori and Matthew stress the need for collaboration between real estate agents and lenders to empower clients in achieving their financial goals.

You will takeaway from this conversation a shared commitment to working hard, fostering relationships, and embracing a proactive approach to ensure success in the dynamic real estate landscape.

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