Season 3 Episode 2: David Childers

May 08, 2024

Bright MLS released a study where they asked the question to potential buyers, “Do you want someone to be the guide to be helpful in the process?” 75% said, “Absolutely yes.”

What does this mean? It’s our job to show up as the guide.

David Childers discusses how vital it is to be an educator in the real estate market. He highlights the upcoming NAR proposed settlements and emphasizes the need for real estate professionals to provide information and expertise to buyers. He shares key facts about home prices, mortgage rates, and home sales, providing insights and projections from various sources.

He encourages agents to confidently step into the market, be the guide for buyers, and use their database to navigate the process. David also addresses affordability and foreclosures, explains misconceptions, and provides valuable information for agents to share with their clients.

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