8 Creative Ways to Use Buyer & Seller Guides in Your Marketing

If you’ve ever popped open a Snapple bottle, you know what’s hidden under the cap. It’s not like fans of the iconic drink need a reason other than “it’s delicious” to buy it. But those funny little factoids just add….something.

And so the company still goes the extra mile for each bottle, even going so far as to have a team of fact-checking researchers on their payroll.

So, why would Snapple spend all this time, money and energy on something so small? Because when it comes to marketing, originality matters.

Most agents try to ‘sell themselves’ to convert leads into listings, but in order to stand out from your competitors, you have to offer something different, something original.

Seasonal Buyer & Seller Guides provide a quick and effective way to deliver value to your prospects and clients while establishing yourself as the market expert they need.

Here are 8 ways you can use them to make an impression today:

Link on Your Website Menu

Most people use the blog posts and guides on social media. But if you aren’t also leveraging the materials on your own website, you’re missing out!

Providing your Buyer & Seller Guides to every visitor on your website is one of the quickest ways to position yourself as an expert.

You can add a label to your website menu that links to your guides (and it never needs to be updated – set it and forget it!). Simply access the admin portal for your website and add a new section to your menu. You can call it something like ‘Free Seller Guide’ or ‘Free Buyer Guide.’ Then set that new label to link to your lead capture page or directly to the guide you chose.

If you need help implementing this idea, the best place to start is your website administrator. Just give them the link to your guide(s) that you want to use and they should be able to help you add it to your website menu! Click here to get your own Buyer & Seller guides.

Differentiate Yourself at Your Listing Presentation

Every agent brings materials with them on a listing presentation, but most of the time the materials are all about the agent’s stats (#1 this or #1 that, so many listings sold, blah blah blah).

How many agents actually bring helpful, relevant content for the seller? Very few.

A listing presentation is a great opportunity to make a good first-impression, and showing up with seller guides proves you’re the best agent in town for the job (without actually having to say it).

They look professional, offer immense value with market insights and answer most of a seller’s frequently asked questions.

Again, good marketing is about being original, offering something unique and giving client’s a reason to trust you. Seller guides are a great way to acheive that in one package.

Deliver a Pre-Listing Package

Or deliver a copy of your Seller Guide before your next listing presentation.

Have you heard of the term ‘greasing the wheels’? Delivering value that educates the seller on what’s happening in the current housing market before you even get to the listing appointment does just that because it builds trust.

It sets the stage by communicating that you’re here to HELP this seller, not to sell them. You’re here to advise them on one of the biggest decisions they’ll ever make, and you are the expert they need because you have their best interest at heart.

Here’s a quick message you can include with your guide:


In preparation for our meeting, I put together a guide for you covering the Things to Consider When Selling Your House.

I think you’ll find some really helpful insights as you begin this process, and it may even spark some questions you didn’t even realize you had! Take a look when you have a moment, then I’m happy to answer any questions when we get together!

Go download the Sellers Guide now and put this idea into ACTION!

Enhance Your Email Drip Campaign

The key to converting leads is to start off on the right foot by immediately offering value. You can easily do this by adding a link to your Buyer or Seller Guides to your email drip campaigns.

To achieve this, we recommend providing a link to your guides in the first email so you’re differentiating yourself right away. Here’s some sample email copy you could use:

Grab your guides now and put this idea into ACTION!

More Effective Open House Follow-Up

A great way to follow up with leads from open houses is by taking the value-first approach. You can easily do this by sending a quick email with a link to your buyer guide (or seller if you know the person is looking to sell as they purchase their next home).

Here’s a quick email you can send out:


Thank you so much for joining us at the open house this weekend. It was great meeting you!

I put together this guide covering the ‘Things to Consider When Buying a Home.’ I thought you’d find the insights relevant as you go through the home search process, and it may spark a few questions you didn’t even realize you had!

If I can help in any way, please just let me know!

Grab your guides now and put this idea into ACTION!

Door Knocking/Prospecting Leave Behind

Door knocking may have gotten a little more complicated this year, but it’s still a great way to get your name and face known in your area, especially if you’re a new agent. It costs nothing but your time, and the sweat equity can pay off in spades if you do it right.

But door knocking is most successful when you have something of value to offer. For the person who answers the door but isn’t quite ready to chat with the stranger who just interrupted their day, what do you do? How do you stay memorable?

You establish yourself as the expert and offer helpful, relevant educational materials. Carrying a few printed copies of your Buyer and Seller Guides and offering them as a leave behind can lead to follow-ups down the road and a reason to check in a few days or weeks later.

Go download your guides now and put this idea into ACTION!

Share to Your Facebook Business Page (and Other Social Channels)

You can easily share a link to your guide lead capture pages on your Facebook business page!

Once you’ve downloaded the guides through your free trial of KCM, simply visit the Buyer & Seller Guides page, then click the ‘Share’ button next to the guide you want to share.

This will open your lead capture page, which you can then use the share buttons to post to your Facebook business page (and your other social media channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).

Go download the guides now and put this idea into ACTION!

Leverage Your Email Signature

Your email signature is a great opportunity to offer value with every message you send. Most agents either include nothing useful in their signature (other than their contact info) or they ask readers to follow them on Facebook/social media.

A better option is to offer something for your audience. True expert advisors reinforce this message with every interaction they have. You want to continuously provide helpful, relevant information to your audience so they know you’re the market expert they can trust.

Go download the Sellers Guide now and put this idea into ACTION!

Bottom Line

In order to be successful in your local real estate market, you have to be original and offer value. When you can combine both of those elements into one great client incentive, you have a winning marketing plan.

Instead of going for the hard-sell, try using Buyer and Seller Guides to show clients you’re the best in town.

Whether you’re handing them out at Open Houses or using them as a landing page lead-magnet, these guides offer professional, unique and personalized content to help set you apart.

Plus, KCM updates them for every season and makes it easy to personalize them with one-click customization.