This is the internal chat service we use to communicate with each other on an everyday basis.

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This is a link to our company-wide SharePoint site. You can also access it in Teams (The KCM Crew > General > Files). Within it, you’ll find things like our official logos, brand guidelines, strategy documents, and more.

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This is what we use to recognize each other for the great work we do. Each time you get recognized it translates to cash for you to spend however you’d like.

Check Your Balance

Fringe is a marketplace of exciting benefits that you get to choose from as an employee of KCM.

This is our weekly performance check-in. You’ll fill this out at the end of each week. Feel free to check out the rest of the Crew’s reports while you’re at it.

Looking for some KCM Swag? Look no further!

This document contains general information on our policies, practices, and benefits here at KCM.

This is where you can access and manage your retirement plan.

This is where you can find anything related to your health insurance, such as copays, doctors, and so on.

This is where you can see and make changes to the health benefits you receive, including dental and vision.

This is where you can see your paystubs and access additional payment information.