Bill Harney

Bill Harney

Bill Harney challenges what is possible in the work place. He is a visionary entrepreneur and the esteemed Owner of Keeping Current Matters, the leading educational content provider for the housing industry.

After years leading sales and marketing teams in professional sports, Bill joined his father to grow KCM from a founder-focused small business to an industry powerhouse. After taking over as CEO in 2014, Bill built KCM with a unique mix of business savvy, cultural investments, and an unwavering commitment to employee empowerment.

His proudest professional achievement is the strength & consistency of KCM’s culture as the team has grown from 6 people in a garage to 50+ employees working together in Richmond, VA. Doing things others believed impossible through rapid growth, KCM’s for-people culture has been the secret sauce powering their business success.

It is this commitment to culture that has allowed KCM to be recognized by Fortune Magazine and Great Places to Work as a Top 100 small workplace in America a whopping five times since 2016.

Bill is an expert in team leadership, strategic planning, and scaling powerful cultures. He is a frequent podcast guest and highly sought-after speaker, sharing the secrets of KCM’s success so others can build game-changing cultures too.

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