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It’s Important to Be Mobile with Real Estate Information

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As a professional in the housing industry, you realize it is important to prepare your presentations for the four major appointments you go on:

  1. Listing Consultation
  2. Buyer Consultation
  3. Negotiation of Offer Consultation
  4. Price Adjustment Consultation

Most real estate professionals, in preparation for any of these scheduled appointments, diligently gather data, information and visuals which will enable them to simply and effectively explain the market to the consumer. But, what about the times when you just ‘bump into’ someone who asks your opinion on the market. Buyers and sellers may approach you at your son’s baseball game or at the ballet. Perhaps, they stop you at the supermarket or at the movie theatre. They want to ask your advice. Are you prepared to have an intelligent conversation at these moments?

You Must Be Mobile with Your Information

The use of visuals at these moments is just as crucial as it is during a scheduled consultation. You must have the necessary charts, data and visuals with you at all times. Whether on an iPad, tablet or smart phone, having this information readily available will dramatically increase your ability to explain away some of the confusion the consumer may be experiencing. This, in turn, will increase your chances to schedule an appointment for a more in depth conversation on the goals and desires of your buyers and sellers.

How Do KCM Subscribers Stay Mobile?

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  1. Michael Iossa August 8, 2012 at 10:26 am # Reply

    Agreed. While home buyers and sellers have access to much of the same information as agents, real estate agents need to be able to interpret that information and put it into the proper context for home buyers and sellers. What is relevant in the Madison and Florham Park NJ area may be different than other market areas.

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