3 easy videos for real estate agents to make

3 Easy Video Ideas for Real Estate Agents

What if we told you that the secret to creating real estate videos only takes 2 minutes of your day? Even better, it could change your real estate business forever.

For most agents, the idea of making videos or being on video is enough to scare them away forever. But all that over-thinking just leaves you in “pause” mode.

The truth is, video creation has never been more important or more accessible than it is today. In fact, you’re probably holding the key to your video success in your hand right now.

So, here are three easy real estate video ideas for agents so you can start producing amazing video content today.

Buyer & Seller Tips

These are some of the easiest and most effective videos for real estate agents. And it’s a win-win because they double as the perfect content for engaging with existing clients and prospecting for new ones.

Whether you’re hoping to beef up your email marketing campaigns, Youtube Channel or add more video to your social media accounts, buyer and seller tip videos offer endless opportunities.

LA-based agent, Keri White, does a great job tackling all sorts of topics in these types of videos (like the one below).

Here are some more great options to get you off and running:

  • Is it a good time to buy/sell?
  • Do I need 20% for a down payment?
  • What is the first step in the homebuying process?
  • What are the renovations with the biggest ROI?

You get the idea. Start making a list of some of the top questions you get asked on a weekly basis, and then create a video out of it. Not sure what to say? Take a look at the KCM Blog every week and base your talking points off the articles.

Housing Market Update

There’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding the real estate market right now. And when there’s uncertainty, there’s also hesitancy.

Market update videos are a great way to not only help prospective and current clients feel more confident about what’s happening in real estate, it establishes you as a knowledgeable authority and resource in your area of expertise.

Nobody likes to be sold to…but they do love to be educated. Especially when it comes to making a big life decision like buying or selling a home.

Think of it this way. Which one of these statements would be more impactful for a possible seller?

“It’s a great time to sell your home!”


“The seller’s market is HOT. In March, the average listing got 4.8 offers and lasted only 17 days on the market.”

Do you see the difference a little bit of context can make?

Plus, bonus points if you use an easy editing app to add some KCM data-powered visuals to back up your insights. Learn more here.

Local Market Highlights

When Christophe Choo started making videos almost ten years ago, he started with what he knew best: his local market. By highlighting certain neighborhoods and their attractions (like a tour of the Beverly Hills Farmers Market or a popular restaurant), he was able to build a reputation as a local real estate expert.

Today, Choo says he still gets monthly “come list me” calls because of those videos (check out the one below).

This is a really great way for you to differentiate yourself from your competition and increase your online searchability in your local market.

Here are a couple ideas to get started with:

  • Tour a local attraction
  • Promote a local event
  • Highlight a local business
  • Give a neighborhood tour

The opportunities for these types of videos are endless. And like Choo, maybe you’ll start getting “come list me” calls too.

Bottom Line

The hardest video to create is always the first one. 

Whether you’re camera shy or just don’t know where to get started, these videos are a great launching point for your video marketing efforts.

Plus, check out RealTalk by KCM™, the first all-in-one video creator for real estate agents.

Each week, you’ll get a new script covering the biggest topics in real estate. Then you can easily record it using our built-teleprompter, easily export with professional visuals and best of all, there’s no editing required.

No hassle. No fuss. Just fun, attention-grabbing videos that will educate your clients, engage your audience and elevate your brand. Learn more here.