Ask the Agent:
Why Do You Use Keeping Current Matters?

How do you educate yourself and your clients?

Do you have fresh, relevant content that you’re sharing?

We sat down with some heavy hitters at BoomTown! Unite in Charleston, SC and asked them, “Why do you use Keeping Current Matters?”

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Key Takeaways

  1. Buyer & Seller Guides

    Kyle loves our seasonal Buyer & Seller Guides, which are a professionally designed leave-behind piece that’s updated every quarter. Treasure’s team leverages them as a free piece of content in their lead generation strategies, which allows them to answer valuable questions and keep in touch over the long-term.

    These guides provide an opportunity to differentiate yourself and leave a lasting impression at open houses, listing appointments, and more.

    You can also use them as a lead magnet online where you can capture prospective emails from interested families in your market who visit your personalized blog site from KCM.

  2. Personalized Posts

    Treasure leverages the Personalized Posts from the KCM Blog on her team’s Facebook page every single day. These daily blog posts cover the latest news and insights of the national housing market that allow you to connect larger trends to your local market.

    Sharing consistent, relevant, fresh articles, positions you as a real estate expert online. It builds trust with your prospects & clients while expanding your sphere of influence.

  3. Monthly Market Reports

    Brandon appreciates the ability to stay ahead of the curve during shifts in the market. It’s one thing to read clickbaiting headlines, but true professionals stay informed with consistent, reliable, honest data from our Monthly Market Reports to stay current on where we are in the market.

    From Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the National Association of Realtors® – we read all of the important resources and consolidate it for you. Instead of spending hours researching the housing market, you can just watch this video snapshot each month.

  4. Professional Visuals & Infographics

    Professionally-designed visuals and infographics provide Kyle and his team with consistent content that they can post without having to go through the trouble of brainstorming, researching, and creating themselves.

    These materials can quickly be printed out or downloaded to a phone or tablet to boost your presentations so you can easily “show, don’t tell” with your clients.

Bottom Line

We couldn’t have said it better than Treasure does:

“It’s a really great platform to use for education – for educating consumers, for educating ourselves, and for having local knowledge. We need to be experienced in what we’re selling and what we’re teaching. [KCM] makes that part of our job easy.”

At Keeping Current Matters, we’re on a mission to inspire the movement to change the way real estate advisors educate and serve their clients.

With our educational resources and ready-made tools, you’ll stand out as a trusted advisor and someone who cares – not just another real estate agent.

Learn more about the features included with your KCM Membership or start your no-risk 14-day Free Trial today!