Case Study: How One Agent Built His Brand & Increased Video Views by 82%

Do you have a “time monster”?

No, we don’t mean like science fiction. It’s that thing on your to-do list that just sucks up all of your time, energy and resources.

We all know that building your brand as a real estate professional is essential to differentiating yourself from the competition and your overall success in the market.

The best of the best find ways to leverage meaningful and relevant content that engages, educates, and empowers their clients.

But even if you settle on a channel mix of social media, email, video, or traditional marketing – how do you find the time to track down content and turn it into quality materials that are of interest to your audience?

Meet Bob Woolverton

Bob Woolverton works for Pure Real Estate in Bellevue Washington and has been a licensed real estate broker for a little over two years.

In the process of becoming an agent, a particular challenge Bob faced was trying to build a professional image and market himself to gain public recognition.

So he set out to create free, weekly videos featuring content for homebuyers and sellers on both the national and his local market – choosing YouTube and Facebook as the two main outlets for building and marketing his brand.

But Bob quickly discovered the hardest part of his new job was wasting valuable time searching online for meaningful and relevant content that his online audience would find interesting.

If you feel just like Bob did, you’re not alone. So how did Bob become a success story?

  • Since December 2018, he increased views on his YouTube channel by 82% and the minutes watched by 213%
  • He saves countless hours of time and work searching for quality content
  • He now feels more professional, confident, and knowledgeable when communicating with his clients
  • He has earned the respect of people in his sphere who are very tuned in to economic issues in the market

Bob is happy to tell his story because when agents share their success, the entire industry benefits.

Finding Video Content

First, Bob uses KCM’s Monthly Market Report (MMR) to educate both himself and his online audience. Even before turning it into content, this keeps him up-to-date on the current state of the market and helps him answer the tough questions he gets from his clients.

Bob downloads the slides and the script from the MMR and picks and chooses which visuals and text he would like to incorporate into his videos. He simply copies and pastes the text from the MMR script directly into his own video script.

One of Bob’s favorite features of the MMR is that it contains a resource section where the links to the supporting data mentioned are located. He can then do a deep dive into any of these articles or references if he wants to, or use that content in his other weekly videos.

Bob also supplements the MMR national market data with his local Seattle market data because he knows it’s important for his clients to learn and understand what’s happening on both a macro and micro level. This gives clients the knowledge and insights that often answer their questions before they even ask them!

Creating Content Consistency

So if the MMR takes care of one of Bob’s weekly videos for of every month, what about the rest of the weeks?

Bob uses Personalized Posts from the daily KCM Blog to curate new video content for his audience. Just like with the MMR, he simply copies and pastes the text and graphics from the blog post directly into his own video script.

Now he has consistent, weekly video material that’s ready-to-film and hardly spent any time at all searching out the right content for his audience.

To give his social media channel a variety of content, Bob hand-selects blog posts for his Facebook feed based on what’s relevant to his market and clients. Each article links directly to Bob’s very own, professionally designed real estate blog page, personalized with his name, photo, and contact information.

Without lifting a finger, Bob also benefits from these daily blog posts automatically filling up the feed on this website. That way he’s always got fresh, relevant content about the real estate market at the top of his blog.

Building a Local Brand

To truly build your brand as a real estate professional, you cannot ignore some of the more traditional forms of marketing in your local market. Bob finds his answer to this within KCM’s seasonal Buyer & Seller Guides.

For the Sellers Guide, he brings them to every listing presentation to make a strong impression and demonstrate his knowledge of the market. He always brings the Buyers Guide to open houses so every attendee leaves with a copy of this high quality, up-to-date booklet right in their hands.

Bob is able to customize each guide to match his style and they always come branded with his personal information on the back. These guides arm him with a unique leave-behind piece that answers valuable questions and helps keep him in touch with potential clients in his community over the long-term.

Professionalism & Market Knowledge = Priceless

As Bob admits, there are many other ways he could be utilizing the materials provided by KCM. But what is truly important is that he picked the channels that worked best for him (YouTube and Facebook), while leveraging the content in a way that he could consistently and frequently stay connected with his audience.

Now he sees his influence grow along with his video and social media statistics. If this worked for Bob, it can work for you.

Bottom Line

At Keeping Current Matters, we’re on a mission to inspire the movement to change the way real estate advisors educate and serve their clients.

With our educational resources and ready-made tools, you’ll stand out as a trusted, leading agent in your market – not just another real estate broker.

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