How to Talk About the Election With Your Clients Without Getting Political

Politics and business just don’t mix. But what does that mean for your clients who are curious about how presidential elections affect the housing market?

The truth is, there is a way to talk about politics’ impact on real estate without getting political.

If you want to tackle this tough topic while maintaining professionalism and proving yourself as a trusted real estate expert, you should follow these three rules.

Know the Impact

The key to being able to talk about the election and how it relates to real estate is, well, knowing how it actually impacts the market.

When it comes to relaying any kind of information with confidence, you have to know it.

In the blog How Will the 2020 Election Affect Real Estate?, we cover what to expect in the weeks to come plus why this year’s market conditions might be different.

Understand the World We Live In

Whether we’re listening to the radio, watching tv, checking our email or scrolling through social media feeds, we are bombarded with information at almost every second of the day.

While the world we live in today definitely comes with its perks, it can be hard to differentiate fact from fiction. If you often find yourself confused, imagine how your clients are feeling.

Reading and sharing fact-based information from credible resources is a great way to keep yourself and your clients informed. You can stay on top of the latest real estate market insights and trends by signing up for the KCM Daily Blog. Try it for free here.

Stick to the Facts

Just like most parts of real estate, data speaks loudly. Your clients aren’t looking for what you think a house down the street sold for. They want cold, hard numbers.

When it comes to presenting information about a presidential election’s impact on real estate, stick with the facts. It’ll be easier to communicate, simpler to understand, and allows you to skip any conversations that might come off as political.

Bottom Line

Politics, the economy and the real estate market are all connected, for better or worse.

In election years, skepticism regarding the future of the country may cause buyers and sellers to put off their plans.

It’s important to come off as professional, not political, and the best way to do that is by knowing the impact, understanding its effects on today’s world and presenting the facts.

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