Episode 4: Krys Benyamein

August 9, 2023

Don’t lose sight of the pipeline! What you are doing today can bring you opportunity tomorrow. In this episode of “How’s the Market?”, Krys Benyamein helps uncover the discipline and dedication it takes to become a top-performing agent and how to shift your efforts to be successful in this market. Krys’ insights into the habits and routines that have led to his success will inspire and motivate both seasoned agents and newcomers alike.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • The powerful yet indirect ways video has impacted his real estate business.
  • How to incorporate this dynamic tool into your own business.
  • Ways to revolutionize your video marketing reach and results
And don’t forget to follow Krys and see his tricks of the trade on Instagram: @krysbenyamein