Season 2 Episode 1: Tom Ferry

December 6, 2023

Tom Ferry, recognized as the #1 ranked real estate coach, discusses the ever-changing landscape of housing, touching on topics like market disruptions, adapting to new trends, and the importance of mindset during uncertain times.

David and Tom share insights on the role of AI in shaping the real estate profession.

From leveraging teleprompter and script-based AI tools to enhance productivity to envisioning a future where chatbots generate marketing plans, they paint a vivid picture of the revolutionary changes AI can bring to the real estate world.

This conversation brings practical advice on setting goals and emphasizes the power of accountability in achieving transformative change. David and Tom weave through topics such as the importance of a clear vision, navigating challenges, valuable insights into navigating the dynamic world of real estate in the age of AI.

You’ve got the ambition. We’ve got your road map.

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