Work smarter, not harder: 1 script and 3 ways to share it

There are some things we really can’t wait for when it comes to spring. Flowers blooming, longer days and warmer weather come to mind first. 

And then there are some things that you shouldn’t wait until spring for – like putting a house on the market. 

At least, that’s what most experts agree on. Because when you list in the winter, there are typically more buyers, less competition, and a better chance for a swift, smooth and seamless selling process. 

What homeowner doesn’t want that?

We recently wrote about this and broke down three easy and actionable ways you can share this information with your sphere using this blog.

Here’s how to do it.

Create a video

There’s no denying that the benefits of video are endless, especially in this business that’s all about connecting and building relationships with people.

For example, video…

  • Gives a face and voice to your brand.
  • Provides a human touch, allowing you to connect with your audience on a more personal level.
  • Builds more trust and more credibility with every video you share.

Plus, video content can convey often complex or dry market insights and data more effectively because it engages viewers for longer periods than text or images. This can not only lead to better retention of your message, but also better reach for brand.

That’s what we call a win-win.

However, most people who are anxious about getting on video will say one of, if not the biggest, pain points that stops them from trying is that they don’t know what to say.

That’s where this blog comes in.

Whether you take the time to craft a script yourself or reach out to ChatGPT for some help, this is a no-brainer way to get this message out there as quickly as you can.

See how we did it in our example. Trust us, it’s really that easy.

Especially when you have RealTalk by KCM to help you. Never heard of it? It’s the first all-in-one video creator made specifically for real estate agents. 

Send an email

Let’s clear up something: email is still one of the best ways to reach out to your database. And we’re not talking about a monthly newsletter or lead follow-up drip campaigns (although those are definitely important too). 

We’re talking about seeing a blog or a piece of content that is so relevant that you should share it with your sphere right away. That doesn’t mean blasting them every day but it does mean taking a more personal approach to your current strategy.

Like video, email is another great way to connect with your sphere and build trust and credibility. If you want to stay top-of-mind and build your brand, the example above is a great way to do it using the same blog.

Send a text

The average person spends about 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phone each day. They also, according to recent data, check their mobiles approximately 58 times.

That makes texting one of the best ways to reach your sphere and reach them fast.

Plus, there’s no algorithm or email inbox you have to compete with. Just a simple, straightforward way to reach a lot of people in a short amount of time.

But instead of the traditional sales text or “Hey, how are you?” There’s a lot agents can do to get creative with texting these days. Like, creating a well-crafted script to accompany the blog agents need to read this month.

Take a look at how we did it.

You can see that the text is very similar to the email – which is the point! There’s no need to write something from scratch every time. Repurpose, reuse and reap the benefits.

Also, like with email and video, you want to make sure this text is informative but also genuine and sounds like you.

Nothing will flop faster than an un-authentic script.

Use the blog as your baseline, and then work off of that. You can apply this same strategy each time a new piece of market news comes up that you want to share.

Bottom Line

One blog and three easy ways to repurpose it for your marketing needs. It doesn’t get better than that.

Living in a culture of instant gratification often comes with its challenges – especially when you’re in this business. But just like homeownership, constantly feeding your business will eventually reap an ROI.

It could be today, it could be tomorrow or it could be three months from now. The important thing is to be smart, flexible and always have your finger on the pulse of what’s happening.

Any business owner will tell you that’s a recipe for success. Here’s to yours.