Season 2 Episode 2: René Rodriguez

December 13, 2023

“The most important thing to preserve for the person that you’re trying to affect and create a change with is to allow them to save face in the process.”

David alongside René Rodriguez, a leading authority on leadership and influence, discuss mindset, its impact on communication, and ultimately, how it shapes influence in the real estate market.

René shares insights into the power of mindset and how it influences our perception of reality. He points to the importance of controlling what comes into our ears, and the significance of the stories we tell ourselves.

David and René explore the narrative gap concept, emphasizing the need to be a trusted source of information in a world inundated with media narratives. They also discuss the role of questions in shifting conversations and misconceptions about the housing market.

René guides you through the financial implications of your housing choices. With an engaging storytelling style, he paints the picture of the current real estate landscape, debunks myths, and sheds light on the path to financial growth.

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