Season 3 Episode 3: Dustin Owen

May 15, 2024

“The work we put in today is the market share we’ll gain in the future.”

Dustin Owen, host of the Loan Officer Podcast, joins David on the How’s the Market Podcast to discuss the current state of the mortgage business. He shares his journey in the industry and the purpose behind his podcast.

This episode covers the chaos of the past few years, the challenges faced by loan officers and real estate agents, and the importance of homeownership. They also discuss the affordability of buying a home compared to renting and the value of having a great partner in the industry.

In this conversation, David discusses the importance of partnerships between lenders and real estate agents in generating leads and promoting home ownership. He emphasizes the need for lenders to educate agents on loan products and teach them how to market and sell those products to their communities. They walkthrough and guide the listener on the concept of a 2-1 buy down and how it can make home ownership more affordable.


00:00 Introduction to Dustin Owen
03:00 The Chaos of the Mortgage Business
09:06 The Myth of Waiting for the Market to Come Back
12:28 The Importance of Homeownership for Wealth Generation
14:18 The Affordability Equation: Buying vs. Renting
25:02 Partnerships and Loan Products
27:01 Teaching Effective Marketing Strategies
30:50 Making Homeownership More Affordable with a 2-2 Buy Down
33:12 Getting Creative with Mortgage Insurance and Seller Credits
36:31 Predictions for the Market and the Role of Loan Officers

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