Season 3 Episode 5: David Childers

May 29, 2024

“Home prices are increasing but not at the same rate as during COVID years, and waiting for prices to crash is not a valid concern.”

In this solo episode, David Childers discusses three important things that every home buyer needs to know right now: prices, inventory, and mortgage rates. He emphasizes the importance of being an educator in the market and provides insights and data on each of these topics.

Childers explains that home prices are going up but not at the same rate as during the COVID years, and he dispels the belief that prices will crash. He also discusses the current state of inventory, noting that while it is increasing, it is still below pre-pandemic levels. Lastly, he explores the impact of geopolitical events, inflation, and the Federal Reserve on mortgage rates and advises agents and loan officers to stay informed and have trusted partners in the business.

00:00 Introduction
04:23 Chapter 1: Understanding Home Prices in the Current Market
10:18 Chapter 2: The State of Inventory and New Construction Homes
14:34 Chapter 3: The Impact of Geopolitical Events, Inflation, and the Federal Reserve on Mortgage Rates

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