Season 3 Episode 4: Michael Hellickson

May 22, 2024

“Control the controllables and focus on what you can do every day to achieve success.”

Joining David on the podcast today is Michael Hellickson, CEO, Club Wealth, a real estate coaching company. David and Michael share valuable insights on how to bring the most value to your audience as a real estate agent. Michael emphasizes the importance of controlling what you can control and not getting distracted by external factors. He also discusses the power of building relationships on trust and serving clients’ needs.

This episode provides tips on scripts you can use today plus a step-by-step guide to creating a perfect daily schedule for real estate agents, focusing on lead generation, follow-up, and conversion. He emphasizes the need to deliver value, be a resource, and build trust with clients.

Club Wealth: We Help Real Estate Agents Earn Up To Seven Figures While Working 12 Days Per Month

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