Season 3 Episode 6: Chelsea Peitz

June 05, 2024

“The impact of social media engagement may not always be measurable, but it can lead to aha moments and perspective shifts.”

David is joined on this episode by Chelsea Peitz, a social media coach that helps real estate professionals and other businesses harness the power of social media to build connections and attract clients. Chelsea emphasizes the importance of authenticity and human interaction, especially for those new to social media. She offers tips to overcome video fears, create engaging content, and build trust online. Discover strategies to establish yourself as a thought leader, share valuable information, and foster a community of engaged followers. Whether you’re a social media novice or pro, Chelsea’s insights will help you become more confident and effective in your digital interactions.

00:00 Introduction
03:09 Leveraging Social Media with Heart and Humanity
10:42 The Importance of Personal Perspective
21:53 Creating Engaging Content on Social Media
26:31 The Power of Instagram Stories
29:17 Building Relationships through Low Barrier Content
32:29 The Impact of Social Media Engagement
39:07 Using Social Media as a CRM 2.0

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