Season 3 Episode 7: David Childers

June 12, 2024

On this episode, David explores how past elections have affected the housing market and discusses how the 2024 election could potentially impact the market. The conversation focuses on three interrelated channels through which elections influence the housing market: uncertainty, policy expectations, and consumer confidence.

He covers the impact of elections on home sales, home prices, new home construction, and mortgage rates. Emphasizing that while elections can create temporary hesitation in the market, they generally do not have a significant long-term effect. The episode concludes by encouraging listeners to use the information provided to educate and guide their clients.

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00:00 Introduction and Acknowledgements
01:27 The Interplay of Uncertainty, Policy Expectations, and Consumer Confidence
09:21 New Home Construction and Elections
13:41 Mortgage Rates and Election Cycles

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