12 Real Estate Video Statistics Every Agent Can’t Ignore

Video is the future of real estate marketing

Let’s try something. Open up one of your social media platforms, and start scrolling. Looking through all the family snapshots, memes and ads, do you see a common thread?

Videos. Lots and lots of videos.

You don’t have to be a marketing whiz to know that video is powerful. In today’s market, it’s the fastest way to capture the eye of a buyer. It entertains, educates, and persuades. In all its glory, video is the ultimate communication tool.

If you’re still not convinced you should be using video in your social media marketing, here are the 12 video stats that real estate agents can’t ignore.

As a consumer, this statistic probably isn’t surprising. You can pack a lot of information into a 30 or 60-second video, saving people the time and energy of having to do the research themselves.

More and more, all types of marketers are starting to get creative with how they incorporate video into their social media strategy. If video is standing between you and your competition from getting alisting, this should motivate you to start, like, immediately.

It’s not a case of if but when you start using video. As other real estate agents see success from upgrading their marketing tactics, those who don’t are missing out on business.

The people have spoken, and they want more videos from all businesses. And that includes you too!

As the Millennial and Gen Z generations take lead in the home buyer market, so does using Youtube as a popular search tool. Which makes sense, considering the amount of traffic driven to listings from video (see stat above).

These days, a quick scroll through social media, and you’ll notice something pretty big: video content is the dominating form of media. The big driver of that? It performs WAY better.

It’s not a case of if but when you start using video. As other real estate agents see success from upgrading their marketing tactics, those who don’t could miss out on business opportunities.

If you’re wondering where your video marketing efforts will pay off more, this is a pretty good indicator.

Video = lead generation. As a real estate agent, it’s important you try new tactics and stay on top of marketing trends. This will help set you apart in your market, and make you more visible to future clients. If you’re still not sold on having to make your own, sign up for our free Video Masterclass and get all the tips and tricks you need to gain on-camera confidence. Get a sneak peek below.

Let’s repeat that. One-third of ALL online activity is spent watching videos.

Which is funny, because only 9% of small businesses in the U.S. use it in their digital marketing. Talk about a huge opportunity for gaining an edge on your competition.

Bottom Line

Video isn’t a trend that’s going away. In fact, it’s predicted to be the leading way marketers reach consumers in the near future.

But we also know that video is intimidating. Maybe you’re a bit camera shy, don’t have time to make videos, or simply just don’t know how. And that’s okay!

With RealTalk by KCM™, our NEW all-in-one video camera, you can make real estate videos in minutes.

Each week, you’ll get a new script covering the biggest topics in real estate. Then you can easily record it using our built-teleprompter, easily export with professional visuals and best of all, there’s no editing required.

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