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The Video Every Agent Needs to Make Right Now

Housing bubbles, market crashes, rising rates and inflation – all these headlines have everyone wondering “where is the real estate market going next?”

With so much confusion going on with the economy and housing market, this is a major opportunity to step up and make sure your clients have the latest insights so they can make the best decision for their plans to buy or sell.

We covered all of this in our latest article Is the Real Estate Market Slowing Down or Is This a Housing Bubble?”

What we’re really at is an inflection point, and we have the perfect video to help explain what that means and how to communicate it to your clients.

Plus, we’ve shown you how to do it in the video above and even included one of our most recent RealTalk by KCM scripts to help you make it.

Here’s the script:

Everyone’s been asking me where the housing market is headed. And while I don’t have a crystal ball to tell you exactly what is going to happen, I can give you an idea of why we’re seeing the market change as we shift away from the frenzy of the past few years.

Today, buyer activity is down and housing inventory is up. That’s a big change from where we were last year, and it’s happened very quickly. Active listings, or home available for sale, have increased more than twenty-six percent compared to this time last year.

At the same time, buyer demand – also known as showings – have decreased almost seventeen percent. We call this an inflection point.

Over the past two years, we saw a massive amount of demand and not enough homes available for the number of people who wanted to buy them. Today, the market looks very different as those two factors undergo a shift.

So, what’s the bottom line? You need an expert like me on your side right now more than ever. I can help you understand what’s happening in the housing market today, and what that means for you and your plans going forward.

Bottom Line

There’s a lot of noise about housing crashes, recessions, bubbles, inflation, etc. happening, and it’s your job to make sure that your voice is the loudest one for your clients right now.

Creating videos like this one helps you get that information out there and clarify some of the biggest questions buyers and sellers are asking themselves right now.

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