most popular real estate blogs of 2021

These Are the Most Popular Real Estate Blogs of 2021

With terms like “housing crash” and “foreclosure crisis” starting to creep up in everyday conversations, one thing is clear: Americans are very confused about real estate.

In the same way you turn to industry experts to search for insights and answers, your clients are looking to you to clear the air about what’s really happening in the housing market.

So, instead of spending time sifting through tons of different sources, we’ve made it simple by compiling the most popular articles agents shared with their clients so far this year. 

Drumroll please: here are the top real estate blogs of 2021.

Every homeowner wants simple, effective tips when it’s time to sell their house. After all, who doesn’t want the inside scoop for how to get the most from their sale?

This blog has exactly that – three, straightforward pieces of advice for today’s sellers looking to maximize their sale.

If you’re looking for a simple and effective way to provide your clients with expert advice, then sharing this blog should be at the top of your “must-do” list.

Dealing with an appraisal gap can be a tricky situation for buyers and sellers.

The best way you can prep your clients on how to approach an appraisal gap is by educating them on how an appraisal gap occurs and how it can affect their transaction.

Like the adage says, knowledge is power, and sharing this article is a great step towards arming your clients with the knowledge they need should they face an appraisal gap.

Mortgage rates are top of mind for buyers today, and many are wondering if they should wait for rates to fall before they buy their home.

Since experts forecast rates will continue rising through the end of 2022, the short answer is – no.

If you have buyers who are thinking of waiting for lower rates, this article may help them see why today’s rates still present an incredible opportunity for buyers and breaks down why waiting to buy could be costly.

There was a lot of discussion this year that the end of the forbearance period could lead to a foreclosure crisis.

Thankfully, that hasn’t happened.

This blog explains why, even now that the forbearance period is ending, we haven’t seen a wave of foreclosures like many predicted. And it’s an excellent one for you to share with your clients to instill confidence that today’s market isn’t anything like the last market bubble.

And speaking of bubbles, headlines about whether we’re in a “housing bubble” or not popped up frequently this year. But, as is often the case, the headlines don’t tell the whole story.

This blog does. Using just three simple charts, we’re able to show why today’s market conditions are nothing like the conditions that lead to the housing bubble in 2006.

If you’re looking for a simple way to explain why we’re not in a housing bubble with your clients, then this blog can help.

Bottom Line

In times of uncertainty, people look to leaders for answers. As a real estate agent, you’re a prominent voice and leader in your area, and your community is looking to you to answer some hard questions right now.

This is a time to stay educated, so you can help your clients make confident decisions when buying and selling a home.

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