top real estate slides to share 2022

These Are the Top Slides to Share to Boost Client Confidence

With every other news headline talking about our economy, it’s impossible to not think about the impact it will have on real estate.

The truth is: even though the housing market is cooling, it is still nowhere near a normal market.

The question is: do your clients know that?

With media painting a certain picture, many may be thinking the worst about the market, putting their real estate plans on hold or worse, panicking that we’re going to see a housing collapse.

That’s why these are the 5 slides that every real estate agent needs to share right now.

A Recession Doesn’t Mean Home Prices Will Fall

We all remember what happened in 2008, and unfortunately for many of your clients, the words “recession” and “housing bubble” immediately bring back memories of the crash.

However, there are big differences between today’s market and the ones leading up to the crash.

Here are the reasons today is nothing like the last time.

Before the Great Recession, the housing market had:

  • Loose lending standards
  • An oversupply of homes
  • Overtapped equity

Today’s market looks the opposite with:

  • Stricter lending practices
  • An undersupply of homes
  • More equity

In fact, in four out of the last six recessions home prices still appreciated, and experts project the same for this year’s forecast.

Sharing visuals like the one below helps show the most important thing everyone needs to know: a recession does not equal a housing crisis.

What Would a Recession Mean for the Housing Market? | Keeping Current Matters

Housing Experts Project Continued Price Appreciation

To drive the point home here’s some more fuel to bring to your clients.

While growing, inventory is still low overall. That’s why most major housing experts project ongoing home price appreciation in most markets. It will just happen at a more moderate pace moving forward.

Why? Because the amount of homes for sale still doesn’t match demand from buyers.

Showing both buyers and sellers this slide should help clear up any confusion about home prices falling any time soon.

No one wants to see what happened in 2008 to happen again. Making sure that your clients know this is key to building confidence in the real estate market right now.

Waiting to Buy? It May Cost More Than Time

As the saying goes, trying to time the housing market perfectly is a bit like playing the lottery.

While we can never truly foresee what’s going to happen, we can keep our spheres up-to-date on the latest insights, especially in a shifting market.

And the truth is, with the current unpredictability of mortgage rates and experts predicting continued home price appreciation, buying a home sooner than later may be the better financial decision.

As the graph below shows, even at a more typical pace of appreciation, buyers still stand to make significant equity gains as their home grows in value. Making sure your clients know what’s at stake if they delay their plans may be just the thing that helps move them off the fence.

Should I Buy a Home Right Now? | Keeping Current Matters

The Shifting Market is Great News for Buyers

It’s probably one of the biggest questions you’re getting right now: should I buy a home right now?

The good news is that what was once their greatest challenge may now be their greatest opportunity.

Today, data shows buyer demand is moderating in the wake of higher mortgage rates. Here are a few reasons why this shift in the housing market is good news for your clients with homebuying plans.

  • Moderating demand is slowing the pace of home sales
  • Housing supply is finally able to grow which means more options to choose from
  • Bidding wars have eased in recent months

This is great news for any clients that may have put off their buying plans in the last two years because the market was too hot for them to handle.

It‘s Still a Seller’s Market

As there’s more and more talk about the real estate market cooling off from the peak frenzy it saw during the pandemic, you may be getting questions about what that means for sellers.

The good news is: it’s still a seller’s market. Here’s why:

  • Even though inventory is growing, there’s still a shortage of homes to meet buyer demand
  • Conditions are still in the seller’s favor
  • While buyer demand is softening due to higher mortgage rates, homes that are priced right are still selling fast.

When it comes to really explaining this to your clients, this quote says it all.

“Overall, the best summary is that we’ll move from a gangbuster sellers’ market to a modest sellers’ market,” said Ed Pinto, Director of the American Enterprise Institute’s Housing Center

If your sellers had any doubts about it, this should help clear up their confusion and shed light on the fact that they still very much remain in the driver’s seat for the housing market.

Bottom Line

With information coming from all sides, it’s important to continue to step up and be the real estate expert your friends, family and clients rely on.

While the real estate market continues to shift, there is still a lot of speculation about what the future holds. In order to build trust in your communities and calm fears among clients, you need to continue to share the right information the right way.

These graphs are a great starting point, but it’s going to take persistence to get the message out there. Be sure to sign up for a 14-day free trial so you have all the visuals and information you need, personalized and ready to share with your sphere.