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Today’s Talking Point 10/20/09

The 10 Must-Do’s in Real Estate for 2010

Every October, I sit back and try to determine what aspects of the business will be crucial for success in the upcoming year. Here are my initial thoughts for 2010 in descending order of importance.

10.) We must start to play with some form of blogging.
9.) We must become users of the most up-to-date technology in the industry.
8.) We must become extremely proficient at social networking (at least with facebook, linkedin and twitter)
7.) We must become much more familiar with the concept of inventory ‘accumulation’.
6.) We must have a trusted mortgage partrner to understand rapidly changing finance options.
5.) We must learn how to educate the consumer instead of trying to ‘sell’ them.
4.) We must become VERY familiar with the evolving ‘short sales’ process.
3.) We must know what is happening in the economy and, more importantly, why it is happening.
2.) We must know how to simply and effectively communicate important information to the consumer.
1.) We must know in our hearts that 2010 will be the best year of our careers.

Do I have the correct items?
Do I have them in their proper order?
What did I miss?
I would love to know your thoughts!

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3 replies
  1. Lenny Simonetti
    Lenny Simonetti says:

    They should have daily goals
    They should read something positive every day
    they should prospect 1 hour per day

    PS every time you send me something for a buyer or seller I send it to them ( they Love It!!!) and it makes me look that much better


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