Who Actually Works On Your Mortgage File?

One thing I have learned is that many customers meet with a loan officer and fill out an application and then they feel like they enter a black hole. They don’t know “what happens next” or “who all these people are”. Today, I thought I might shed some light on the typical roles and responsibilities […]

Is It Time To Buy a Second/Vacation Home?

All you read in the news today is that real estate prices have fallen dramatically in many areas. However, are lower prices a chance for purchasers to buy that second/vacation/retirement home they always dreamed of owning? We want to look at the second home buyer and see whether the current market presents a tremendous opportunity […]

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House Prices: What Impact Will Foreclosures Have?

Foreclosures have had a major impact on house prices over the last several years. The next six months will again see a flood of distressed property inventory coming to the market. Will this cause a ‘double dip’ in home values as some are predicting? We want to take a very objective look at this issue […]

Why Did Your Parents Buy Their Home?

We are in an interesting time in real estate. Every decision we make about our housing options seems to be tied to money. Articles are written explaining that prices will still drop and therefore buying a home makes no sense. Some people have judged whether living in their home over the last ‘x’ amount of […]

Simple Yet Beautiful

We write everyday on the housing market. We quote the Wall Street Journal, Moody’s Economy and a whole assortment of like resources. Today, we want you to hear what another type of expert on homeownership has to say. We’re sharing a comment we received from a reader earlier in the week. The author, to our […]

Look at the Cost, Not Just the Price

An interesting thing happened last week. For the first time since April, the interest rate for a 30 year fixed mortgage increased two weeks in a row. It didn’t increase much (.05%) but it was news because it had been so long since rates have ticked up. It will be interesting to see what the Fed reports […]


Be Prepared For Some Confusion Tomorrow!

9/23 – As expected, the Existing Home Sales Report shows a 7.6% increase in month-over-month sales and a 19% decrease in sales year-over-year. No real news here.   ORIGINAL POST The National Association of Realtors (NAR) will release the Existing Home Sales Report tomorrow. Be prepared for the confusion when the news media starts announcing […]

Who Is Saying It is Time To Buy a Home? EVERYONE!

“Enough with the doom and gloom about homeownership.” – WSJ 9/16/2010 WOW! If that quote was attributed to the National Association of Realtors or the National Association of Home Builders, it would have been quickly dismissed. However, it was the Wall Street Journal that was calling for the end of the ‘doom and gloom’ talk […]

The Luxury Market Is Not Coming Back … IT IS BACK!

The real estate market has been going through some challenging times this year. The National Realtors Association’s (NAR) last Existing Homes Sales Report showed that sales were down 25.5% from the same time last year. Media headlines screamed that the housing market was screeching to a halt the following day. There is a segment of […]


Time Magazine: As Wrong Today as They Were in 2005

Time Magazine’s cover story last week was titled Rethinking Homeownership: Why Owning a Home May No Longer Make Economic Sense. The webpage title for the online version of the article was After Housing Bubble, the Dark Side of Homeowner Dreams. The actual article title on the internet was The Case Against Homeownership. It is rather […]

4 Loan Programs You NEED To Know About

While a vast majority of all mortgage products are fairly “vanilla”, there are a couple of other flavors of loans that, if you meet the criteria, may help you get approved, or may help make your purchase more affordable monthly, or lessen your need for as much cash to close. Recognize that each of these […]


All We Said Was…10,000 Houses Will Sell Today

Yesterday, we wrote a blog post about headlines that may result from the next few monthly reports issued by National Association of Realtors (NAR). The post addressed the fact that there were extenuating circumstances (the homebuyers’ tax credit) that would give the perception that demand had fallen off the charts. The analysis given explains why we […]

Don’t Pay Attention To the Scary Headlines Coming

There are going to be some tough headlines written about the housing market over the next several months. They may create apprehension and in some cases outright fear. The good news is these headlines will not reflect what is actually taking place in real estate. Some in the industry say we should just ignore this […]


Today, you need an INDUSTRY LEADER

We are at a very interesting crossroad in the real estate industry. Whether you are buying or selling a home, you should not deal with ‘just anyone’ in real estate. You need someone who can explain what is happening in the market and help you understand your options. You want an expert, an industry leader. […]

Today’s Tough Times: A Little Perspective

On the anniversary of September 11th, it might make sense to re-evaluate our thoughts and feelings on the difficult times we are experiencing in the current housing market. Today, real estate and mortgage professionals readily discuss how difficult their job is. That day, hundreds of firefighters and police personnel willingly and courageously charged into two burning buildings. […]


Home Prices: The Next 90 Days

The next three months will be interesting for home prices. The impact of the homebuyers’ tax credit is fading from the market and so are the buyers. We must realize that in September, October and November of last year buyers were rushing to buy a home before the expiration of the original tax credit (November […]


4 Ideas To Spur Home Sales

A new Home Buyer Tax Credit is unlikely.  Interest rates can’t go much lower.  So, how can a market where buyers who are afraid of losing their jobs begin to digest the massive quantity of current and shadow inventory without another major correction in pricing?  Here are four “outside the box” ideas that deserve consideration: […]

Financial Planning: 5 Reasons To Buy a House Today

Steve Harney has posted about the importance of homeownership often on this blog. He sees it as part of the American Dream and feels that there is a value in owning your own home that far transcends any economic advantages. He has done a great job of making his case. However, we want to look at […]

Walking Away: New FHA Short Refinance Option

The current administration continues to attempt a myriad of policies aimed at bringing about a recovery in the housing industry. It is not their belief in the importance of homeownership that drives this policy. This administration has openly questioned whether the government should continue to support homeownership as an American ideal. Every policy had one […]

This Holiday, Let’s Remember Why We Work So Hard

We want to wish everyone a happy holiday weekend. Many of you will be celebrating right in your own backyard. Take a moment to realize what that means to you, your family and your friends. Let us never lose sight of the fact that homeownership is, and always will be, a major part of the […]


It’s Not About Jobs If You Need To Sell Now

A message from Steve Harney: The short term fixes used to bolster the real estate market (the purchase of mortgage-backed-securities and homebuyer tax credits) proved to be just that: short term fixes. Everyone now seems to feel that the only true solutions to the challenges in housing are the creation of jobs and the increase […]

To Refi Or Not To Refi….THAT Is the Question

Holy Cow! Have you taken a look at where interest rates are these days??? There are Ten Year Mortgages in the 3.75% range for heaven’s sake! Yes, 3.75%!!! What are some of the issues to consider as you (and all of America) contemplates a refinance? 1.  Does it make financial sense? If you are considering […]

Our Opinion: No New Tax Credit Coming

Reuters report 9/1: “It is not high on anyone’s list that we have heard. We have not heard Congress talking about renewing it.”  – HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan regarding a possible renewal of the homebuyer tax credit.   ORIGINAL POST Rumors are running wild that the administration is considering a new tax credit for homebuyers. We don’t want […]