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Simple Yet Beautiful

We write everyday on the housing market. We quote the Wall Street Journal, Moody’s Economy and a whole assortment of like resources. Today, we want you to hear what another type of expert on homeownership has to say. We’re sharing a comment we received from a reader earlier in the week. The author, to our knowledge, is not a housing industry analyst nor a real estate agent. He is a great grandfather. His thoughts on homeownership touched us. We hope they touch you as well. – The KCM Crew

“All of the reasons listed for owning rather than renting are valid, but they miss the single reason most important to me and my own family over the past 60 years of homeownership.

During several short periods when we moved to a different state, we had to fit our family, with all of our personal likes and dislikes, into whatever our landlords decided to offer – rooms, property treatment, especially interior finish ( carpets, paint, built-ins, etc.).

In each home we’ve owned since 1951, in Detroit, in Oak Park, then Los Angeles, in Birmingham(MI), in Ohio, etc., etc., we no sooner moved in that we began the changes, large and small that made that place “Ours”, a reflection of who we were. As each year passed, the home and the property became more a part of what we were as a family.

Most of our home buys actually made us a modest profit when we moved out. Some were small losses. That is truly beside the point. Sure they were mostly good “Financial Investments”, but what they gave us was far more important – a chance to form the place where we lived into that special place where a family is most happy, most secure together.

Rentals – Bah Humbug!

Speaking for my wife, for our 9 children, plus uncounted grand and great grand children.”


Richard Blake

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