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The Power of Visuals on Facebook

Many agents realize the importance of building a powerful social media strategy. The cornerstone of any such strategy is Facebook, the social utility that connects 93% of American adults. But how is the best way to build a strong Facebook presence?

More and more studies reveal that the posting of strong visuals is the best way to get people to read and engage with your Facebook posts. Here are a few examples.

Hubspot, a well respected marketing solutions company, explains:

“It’s time to increase the amount of visuals in your Facebook posts.

This means that you should be making a conscious effort to use high-quality, engaging images in the content you end up sharing on Facebook.”

According to Hubspot, you can expect 53% more ‘likes’ and 104% more ‘comments’ if you use visuals.

Facebook itself in their BEST PRACTICES FOR YOUR PAGE AND MEDIA STRATEGY advises that you make a visual impact with your posts. They suggest:

“Grab your audience’s attention by using simple images with a clear focal point. Images with highly saturated colors also help the creative stand out against the site’s white background.”

They also suggest that the visuals you use represent the brand you are attempting to build.

“Ideally your profile image will be your logo or other brand symbol, but people should also recognize your brand in the images you feature.

An internal study showed that when a brand was immediately identifiable, it performed better in terms of recall and purchase consideration.”

As you are building your Facebook strategy, make sure the use of powerful visuals is high on your list.

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