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Hispanic Buyers: Upscale Latinos Provide Opportunity

luxury buyerIf you are asked to imagine a Hispanic family, what comes to your mind? A low income family or do you think of Jennifer Lopez and her family. Who are the Latinos/Hispanics moving into your marketplace?

At the 2013 AHAA (Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies) Conference, they released a study in partnership with Nielsen and Santiago Solutions: AMERICA’S NEW UPSCALE SEGMENT: LATINOS! This is a 2-part Study and later in the year we will cover the second part. AHAA is trying to educate marketers to not treat the vast Hispanic market as one size fits all with these series of studies. This also applies to our industry – real estate.

Here are some interesting points revealed in the study that we can analyze and then determine what impact this can have on our business.

Why is the upscale Hispanic important for us?

  • Upscale Hispanics will generate 37% of the Hispanic spending power in 2013.
  • A segment they expect will double again by 2050

The question is who are the $50K + Latinos? The study covers this:

  • 75% are under the age of 45
  • 77% have households with 4 or more people
  • 60% live in the southwest and pacific region

They are here and are realizing the American dream

  • 11% higher than overall Hispanics in the white collar segment
  • ½ million upscale Hispanic homes have a member in their households that own their own business.
  • There is a dramatic growth from 2010 to 2011 in the college enrollment among Hispanics an increase of +15%

They are young, urban and connected

  • Young accumulators 26.9%
  • The affluentials 17.7%
  • Young achievers 16.7%

Where to find them? Upscale Latinos live in top Latino markets:

  • Los Angeles 625K (32%)
  • New York 400K (28%)
  • Houston 200K (28%)
  • Miami 200K (26%)

They are also core to many secondary Latino markets

  • Washington, DC 36%
  • Honolulu 33%
  • Salt Lake City 30%
  • Jacksonville, FL 30%

Smaller DMAs experiencing impressive growth from 2000 to 2013

  • Oklahoma city, OK +191%
  • Baltimore, MD +178%
  • Raleigh, NC +175%
  • Yakima, WA +166%

What language do they speak?

  • 75% of upscale Hispanics Speak some Spanish
  • Spanish dominance is growing +18%


The most influential segment since the baby boomers, Upscale Hispanics will drive shifts in category consideration, purchasing behavior and brand relationship.

  • Viable and sophisticated market of enormous proportion ?? $500 Million annually
  • Younger in age and larger households provide lifetime value and upside opportunities for many high-end & luxury brands
  • A force behind new businesses with higher educational and professional attainment
  • Latino identity with one foot in each culture ?their fully BILINGUAL tendencies are reflected in their pervasive use of language and media consumption

In conclusion, the study reports that the fast growing Latino Upscale segment represents nearly 40% of Hispanic Spending Power. This is a great opportunity for us to help fulfill their housing needs and not allow stereotypes to limit our chance to help this segment of the Hispanic community.

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