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What the Power 200 Means to KCM Members

What the Power 200 Means to KCM Members

Last week, KCM’s founder and Chief Content Creator, Steve Harney, was recognized as one of the 200 most powerful people in residential real estate when he was named in the Swanepoel Power 200 report.

As the KCM Crew and Steve contemplated what such an accomplishment actually meant, together we realized that this honor truly recognized the hard work of each and every KCM member. Let us explain.

According to the report itself, the authors attempted to:

“take into account the individual’s personal influence, his/her tenure in the industry, the office he or she holds, the decision-making power of said office, the financial resources of the company or organization, that company or organization’s significance and contribution to the industry, the company’s geographic reach, and his or her recent activities, growth, and potential.” 

Let’s break down the criterion:

individual’s personal influence

There are thousands of broker/owners and managers in the industry that have as much if not more influence in the industry. This wasn’t it.

tenure in the industry

Though Steve has been around for quite some time, there are hundreds (if not thousands) who have served the industry longer. This wasn’t it.

office he or she holds

Steve holds no corporate office. This wasn’t it.

decision-making power of said office

The biggest decision Steve makes every day is which report KCM should break down for its members. This wasn’t it.

financial resources of the company or organization

Though KCM is a financially secure company, it doesn’t have a fraction of the revenue of many firms in the industry. This wasn’t it.

company’s geographic reach

We are proud that we have members in all fifty states. However, there are many corporations in the industry with a global reach. This wasn’t it.

recent activities, growth, and potential

We aren’t really sure what this meant.

That only leaves one criterion: the company or organization’s significance and contribution to the industry

KCM is definitely significant and without question has made a tremendous contribution to the industry.

The research, the PowerPoints and the strong visuals are important resources. However, the true power derives from the thousands of KCM members across the country that are using these tools to help families in their communities make smart, well educated decisions regarding their housing needs and goals.

For that reason, we want to congratulate all the KCM members for being among the most powerful people in our industry. You deserve it!

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