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Your Online Presence Will Help Determine Your Success

Your Online Presence Will Help Determine Your Success

Google, in a recent research study, revealed:

“Two in three (consumers) researched prospective agents extensively online prior to working with them.”

This means that your online presence has become crucial in building your brand with today’s buyers and sellers. Google went on to say that:

“Millennials are likely to make their long-awaited entrance into market soon. Understand what this audience cares about and appeal to them with relevant messaging.”

A recent article in Inman News explained the importance of the type of content you share on your social media platforms.

“Being ‘present’ on social media is completely different than having a ‘presence’ — simply having an account won’t win over a user who is thinking about contacting you. You must be able to provide true value.

Everyone shares information about their listings; it’ll be hard to stick out from the crowd if this is your strategy. Determine what the community is talking about, do some research, and find a way to keep them informed on these topics. When they are on your page and see that you actively share helpful content, it will give them more of a reason to keep you in mind rather than a competitor.”

Bottom Line

Good content attracts people. Great content attracts a lot of people. Use the content (visuals, graphs, charts) and processes (Personalized Posts) available to you in order to build your brand online.

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