Tom Ferry’s Powerful 3-Step Plan for Success

We recently had the unique opportunity to sit down with #1 Real Estate Coach Tom Ferry and talk about what it takes to be a truly successful agent in today’s market. His advice was simple and is outlined below.

1. You Need to Have Market Knowledge to Win Today

Top agents in today’s market have a deep understanding of the real estate business.

Having knowledge of the market on a macro- and micro-level will take you from a good agent to a great agent. It also allows you to gain the trust of your clients.

Every month, Tom takes the Monthly Market Report from KCM and breaks it down into a “How’s the Market?” video on his YouTube channel.

2. You Must Take that Knowledge and Make It Your Own

Across the country agents are taking US real estate information, combined with their local market data, and synthesizing it into videos and blog posts to position themselves as the trusted authority.

Bring together information on a global, national, and local level – then share that content in a way that is relevant and relatable. The more specific you are with the information you share, the more appeal you have to your client base.

KCM publishes content that’s ready-to-post, and the most successful agents combine this content with personal and local insights to create posts that are unique to them. Check out this KCM Member who turned our data into his “Tracking the Twin Cities Real Estate Market” video.

3. Always Be Accountable to Yourself and Your Business

Top agents bet on themselves. Put yourself on the line!

Set goals and deadlines. Share with your spouse, a partner, a friend, to help keep you accountable.

Use things that are meaningful to you to create leverage (i.e. a trip to Disney World with your kids at the end of the year if you meet your goals).

Put common sense into common practice!

One of the best ways to improve your accountability is with a real estate coach. They can help show you proven systems for success, train you to master your time, and help reshape your business.

Get a Free Real Estate Agent Coaching Consultation from Tom Ferry’s Business Growth Experts today!

Bottom Line

If you don’t have the knowledge of what is happening in the market, the truth is you are behind in this business.

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