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Archive | March, 2012

Smart Advice About Your Credit

Quick Tip Today:

Be aware that companies you do business with may sell your credit information. Now, many of the people buying the names and addresses of people who have given their credit information are legitimate marketing companies who are searching for a particular target audience. But lately, there is a rise of not-so-legitimate people who are buying your credit information to actually steal your credit profile.

We’ve all heard about identity theft, but how does it happen? Historically, it has usually been a case of the bad guys either rummaging through your garbage for old bank and credit card statements; or hacking a website where you entered info (like a credit card); or there have even been cases where bank databases were compromised.

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Spring Market Looks VERY Promising

The Spring market is upon us. Professionals across the country are reporting that buyer activity is very strong. Purchasers are beginning to realize that this is one of the greatest times in American real estate to buy a home. There are basically four reasons for this:

  1. They realize that it is the COST of the home that matters most, not the PRICE.
  2. They realize that it is actually LESS EXPENSIVE to own than to rent in 98% of the country.
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More Affordable To Buy in 98% of Major Metros

Last week, Trulia released their Winter 2012 Rent vs. Buy Index. In the index, they report that:

“After years of home price declines and tightening rental markets, home ownership is now more affordable than renting in all but two of the 100 largest metros – even in expensive real estate markets such as New York, Los Angeles and Boston.”

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Enough Said!!

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First Time Buyers: The Stats [INFOGRAPHIC]

Different style. Tell us what you think.

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