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The Importance of the Latino Community to Today’s Real Estate Market

The Hispanic community was hit hardest by the housing crash. Now that the market is recovering, many of these families have the opportunity to either buy a home again, or those that lost home value during those years, are seeing equity return allowing them to sell and move to the home that they always wanted.

These buyers are ready, but according to a recent survey done by NAHREP (the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals) there are barriers that do not allow these buyers to enter the market right now. As real estate professionals is our duty to remove some of these barriers, if possible, and help as many families as we can become homeowners if they are ready, willing and able.

The Hispanic community is becoming a very important part of today’s real estate market, “The number of Hispanic households has grown to 14.7 million in 2013 and today a Hispanic youth turns 18 every minute of every day,” according to the 2013 State of Hispanic Homeownership Report.

4 out of 10 new households in the United States are expected to be Hispanic in 2014. This is a major opportunity for real estate professionals.

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2 replies
  1. Eliud Gautier
    Eliud Gautier says:

    I was looking forward for my daughter to go to college, as I did (I was the first in my family to attend and graduate college). I encourage my daughter to prepare herself for college (unlike my parents). So I was doing something different to make my daughter’s life better than mine. I wanted her to have a head start in life, so I did all the right things.

    I took me until age 28 to buy my own home so I was preparing my daughter to own her home a lot sooner than I did. I thought, my wife and I would help her with the down payment, I’ll go shopping with her and have her own a home before she got married and had children. These were the hopes for my daughter.

    But the biggest obstacle arrived, not a baby but her student loan payment plan for the next 9 years of approximately $700 per month. Therefore, even though she has a great job within the field of study, the DTI plus her need to have a car (200/month) keeps her from owning her own home.

    All our hard work, now it will take more years to own her own home. I thought it was supposed to be better for our children if we did the right things.

    • The KCM Crew
      The KCM Crew says:

      The good news is your daughter has a great education, and is using that education in a job that she loves. We’ve heard many times that if you do what you love and you get really good at it, eventually someone will pay you really well to do it. Her time will come, and she is very fortunate that you are so supportive in getting her into a home of her own as soon as she can.


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