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What is the Best Long Term Investment? Real Estate [INFOGRAPHIC]

Real Estate: Best Long Term Investment | Keeping Current Matters

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6 replies
  1. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    No, this is what people *believe* is the best long-term investment. And if they say real estate, the math says they’re wrong. This isn’t a matter of “if you believe it hard enough, it’s true.” It’s a matter of simply looking at data.

  2. Jim R
    Jim R says:

    I’ll believe real estate is a good investment when the house I bought 15 years ago would sell for what I paid for it 15 years ago. That’s in Minnesota, where we didn’t feel the bubble nearly as much as most of the Country. In Minnesota where unemployment currently stands at 4.7% and the metro area at 4%. My entire neighborhood of over 400 houses is still selling for less than when we built.


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