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5 Questions You Should Ask Your Real Estate Agent

5 Questions You Should Ask Your Real Estate Agent

Whether you are buying or selling a home, the process can be challenging. That is why we always suggest that you take on the services of a real estate professional when embarking on a potential home move. However, not all real estate agents are the same. A family must make sure they hire someone who truly understands the current housing market and, not only that, knows how to connect the dots to explain how market conditions may impact your decision.

How can you make sure you have an agent who meets these requirements?

Here are just a few questions every real estate professional should be able to answer for their clients and customers:

  • Are home values approaching a new bubble or will prices continue to appreciate?
  • Is it better for a first time buyer or a move-up buyer to wait until they save a bigger down payment before they purchase a home?
  • Where will 30-year mortgage rates likely be in 12 months?
  • Why do I need an agent when I can just as easily find the house online myself?
  • Is buying a home still a good investment for my family?

Make sure you hire an agent that can answer questions like those above. That will guarantee the home buying or selling process will be much easier for you and your family.


Agents: Are you confident in the answers you would provide if asked the above questions? How do you ease your clients concerns AND effectively answer their questions?

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10 replies
  1. John Sullivan
    John Sullivan says:

    Not on your list but probably the most important question is: “Will you only represent me in the sale or purchase of the home with full fiduciary duties or will you ask me to consent to dual agency where you or your agency attempt to represent both both buyer and seller in the transaction?

  2. Jade Brunet
    Jade Brunet says:

    It is good to know that real estate agents are capable of answering many different questions. I like what was said about asking if buying a home is still a good investment for the family. Discussing this would be beneficial for your long term decisions. Something else to look for would be to find a realtor with excellent communication skills.

  3. Kourtney Jensen
    Kourtney Jensen says:

    My husband and I are wanting to buy our first home soon. I like that you mention to hire an agent that really understands the current market. Having and experienced realtor will help us find the best deal for our futures home, and a decision we can be comfortable with. http://legacyrgroup.com/

  4. Skyler Williams
    Skyler Williams says:

    Thank you for your suggestion to hire a real estate agent that knows how to connect the dots to explain how market conditions can impact a decision to buy or sell a home. My husband and I are looking to sell our home. We will make sure to take on the services of a real estate professional to help us through the process. https://www.cindysoldit.com/

  5. Eileen Benson
    Eileen Benson says:

    I like your idea to ask where mortgage rates will be in a year as a way to gauge the knowledge and professionalism of real estate agents we’re considering. My sister told me she’s thinking about buying a home soon because she’s confident that she wants to settle down in this area. I want to say thanks for sharing this advice because now I can help her find the right real estate agent to work with! http://www.brucegates.net/about-bruce-gates/

  6. Rebecca Gardner
    Rebecca Gardner says:

    I like your suggestion to ask about mortgage rates in the future to make sure we find a knowledgeable agent. I was catching up with my cousin last night and learned that she and her husband plan on looking at luxury real estate for sale after the holidays. Your suggested questions should help her feel more confident when picking an agent to help with this big purchase!


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